Sally Island 2

The next day, while we were still sleeping, at sun rise, while the day was yet to figure a path to take, she already woke up, she sleeps a beauty and wakes up even more stunning. Easily confused for a queen if seen and you wouldn't even get mad if she said she didn't know how to handle a broom. Not her, she was a care giver herself, if there was any such this as a housewife competition, she would effortlessly come out tops. While we were still clinging to slumber, she organized our disorganized boys home and cleaned the cabin. She felt more at home in our home quite away from her home. We didn't have any clothes in the cabin to give her, yet she felt comfortable even tho she wasn't as covered as she wanted to be. The whole idea of talking care of the cabin even before we woke up was because She wanted to give us a treat like we gave her the previous night. This wasn't something we were used to, the morning was still young but she was already sexy. We called her Eve. 

We had a stretched out night rest, like one we havent had in ages, I'm sure I slept with a smile on. Even slept past the usual hour we kick up to cast nets but Somehow we woke up exactly when Eve was climbing the cocoanut tree, she was trying to get cocoanut to make a special kind of food for us. We couldn't figure what she was doing at first, because you can totally pluck the nuts with a long stick you can find around standing on the ground. Maybe she wanted to stretch her muscles or do a little morning exercise. Well that didn't bother us much, Eve's beauty already enchanted our minds like a long spell and we didn't get to bother much about any other thing at all, We gathered around the tree and watched her climb. It wasn't a norm for a lady to climb in our village but being that we enjoyed the view, nobody remembered the Dos and Don'ts of the land at the time, especially since we were miles away from the village settling. Even James who was a customary ambassador and titled man didn't even bother to utter a word, he just hugged the cocoanut tree closely, directly under her and smiled while starring at her climb.

Eve was done wowing us with her sexiness and finally started making the meal, she called it cocoanut rice, said it was one of the special delicacy her tribe makes for visitors. Her recipe was strange and very unusual, but we guessed it was the way it was patterned since we haven't been out of the village before, we only hear tales, especially from my dad and James' dad who once followed the white church planters that came to our village out. That was how we ended up with our Oyibo man's names. I being the youngest of the pack was asked to wash the plates for the meal while James and Ike went fishing for special fishes that will go with the meal, Eve asked for crabs especially, she said it went well with the meal she was making. Omin being the eldest was left with nothing to do, so he laid on the swinging crib weaves between two trees and slept off. But what do I care, I was at the kitchen with Eve, gazing lustfully at her curves and developing a severe crush for her. 

The sun was sinking in the west, I looked at it do down in the stream. The birds settling in their nests, it was time for the Sally Island boys to sing. But before then we had a full course meal of Eve's delicacy. It was then Omin brought the fresh palm wine he had tapped over night. He learnt tapping wine from his dad who was the village's best, also their family business, but being that fishing was more lucrative, he switched skills and only flexed the other skill for pleasure solely. The whole night we partied and had a feast in our own little way, like we do whenever we happen to lure girls to the cabin for a slumber party. We danced and drank, James the drummer boy was drumming very loud, a skill he learnt from his dad too, his dad still drummed for the local church the white men left behind in the village. I'm sure the villagers heard our unusual noise  But we didn't care, we were drunk and wasted, for the whole season, we were for the first time happy. It was a real break from the regular hustle we were tired of. 

We believed it will last, we were certain of it. At least now we have something to come back to after a tiring day. We ate every grain of her meal and drank every drop of the wine Omin tapped, we had and extreme dosage of the party pill. We didn't even sleep inside the cabin, we laid out in the cold in a cold weather and didn't feel a thing because we were all knocked out into an exciting dreamland. Well for me, I had a dream about Eve being with us for quite a long time. But she had her own plans, a plan different from whatever we had thought. And while we were fast asleep, while we lay wasted, she woke up, she woke up in the middle of the night. 

Story: Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi 
Illustrations: Joseph Kenedy 


Lillian said…
This is just nice. Pt3 pls
Olivia said…
The art explains d words better, gd 1 Vyrus.
Anonymous said…
Slim d virus, dis one I d bomb. We want more
Anonymous said…
Nw dis is gud. Wondeful detailed piece
steven said…
Now this is better than Kate's diary.. not really better but a gud replacement
Ngozi Onuchukwu said…
Kool. Patience is in this story