We see through the blood of our roots 
We eat off the pain on their spoons 
We hear of the revolt 
Hands up don't shoot 
We also hear of the ridicule and jokes 
Pants up don't loot 
We heard of Banner's tears 
Where were white rappers when they mowed Mike Brown 
And Young's concerns and cares 
Getting iced out and booties down 
We pay attention 
We have our own problems but share in your pain, your tension 
We understand your protest 
Against those labelled 'to serve and protect'
We hear of the arrests 
We hear of the unrest 
"This stops today"!We heard of Eric Garner
Trayvon Martin, a whole lot others 
We heard of the Verdict 
Well it was an easy predict 
Bear in mind against all odds 
We here pray to our various Gods 
And hope our voices get heard soon 
Over the injustice in your lands and #Ferguson
We are not ignorant of the devices 
So we are prepared for the surprises 
We are behind you 
Our spirits beside you 
From the lands you left 400 years ago 
We send words of support to back your ego 
To Africans in America 
From Africans in Africa 

- Nnagoziem The Vyrus Udensi