A baby's mind is lucky 
It's pure 
Like the blood of a virgin 
It holds no horror 
It forgives without apologies 
It heals without treatment 
Old age is a blessing 
A gift and a curse 
The wisdom a gift 
The memories a curse 
Wisdom comes from experiences 
And so does memories 
But what happens when the curse outweighs the blessing 
Sad memories from bad experiences 
Then the foolishness of a baby becomes a gift 
The void of it's mind 
The need for a reset 
A formatted mind 
Void of flaws and mistakes 
Of no sad and painful tales 
Can those haunting thoughts erase? 
The thoughts that wakes me up at night breaking sweat 
I pray it erases 
Like the drop of water in a hot desert 
Like the presence of a free bird in a golden cage 
Like the sanity of a mad dog 
Erase Erase Erase 

-Misunderstood Nerd