A sweetheart that cannot be The Sweetheart

I rushed into marriage 
I've been blessed with four kids 
I love my wife 
But not in love with her 
She a friend but not a lover 
A wife and a mother 
The sparks is gone up yonder 
She just the sweetheart everyone knows 
Marriage can't stop you from catching feelings 
I caught a few 
I fell in love 
With the sparks and what not 
Within the loins of a strange woman 
Her thoughts makes me happy 
Her actions gives me joy 
I make love to her and have sex with my wife 
She awaits me at the park 
And holds me in the dark
But at home my sweetheart waits 
She lies on the couch while the children sleep 
I'm sure the TV remote is in her hand 
She keeps herself busy with the channels 
With my dinner on the table 
While she awaits my return
She is a good wife 
That's why she is my sweetheart 
But I'm out with a strange woman 
A sweetheart that cannot become my sweetheart 

-Corrosive Xpanol