Till Death Do Us Part 4

Two hours away from town I've been driving non stop following Boogie Boss's directions. It's always a new location when supplies are coming from the Arabs. They are always too careful, they don't want to be seen or heard dealing. It's bad paint for their religion, and they could be beheaded by their own brothers. Boss ordered me off the tarred road, it was about time, the sun heat reflecting on that coal tar had me starring at mirages like pool of water in the middle of the deserted road. Since the construction of the new road, this particular road has become the land of the dead. Coming from the east and the Arabs from the north, this was always the road we took to stay off radar. If it was easy, cargo planes would fly white into rural areas like it was during the civil war. My concern right now is making sure I learn enough to get retained. Boss usually change his drivers every two months. You can never know too much, once you drive him for two months, he sends you off for an outside job. Maybe to Columbia or Brazil, to make an import, if you come back successful, you are made. Most don't come back, the story usually ends with hard luck. Good luck is prison time, only God's grace brings you back. The tales of those cities are not easy, but if you get sent to South Africa to make an import, it's a win win. Although the supplies are less and more expensive, the casualties are minimal. I was really planning to quit and take off if I get sent to one of the bad countries. I seize every moment that comes to me. Since I'm not blood related, I work twice as hard to keep up in the Obiakor's family. 
We just got to the rendezvous point, the Arabs are always early, the last time we were one hour early, they were already there. And you cannot see them, they just park exactly the same vehicle you came with, exactly same plate number and papers, I don't know how they do it, all you need do is come down from your car and enter the parked car and drive miles off before you stop to look at the merchandise, of course you leave the cash in your own car. There was a story of some guys who tried playing smart with them, they were all taken out by snipers. The Arabs don't play, all you need is give them the description of the car you drive, tell them the amount of work you need and come with the cash equivalent to the rendezvous point. When you incur  the wrath of the Arabs, only death can do you path.