Till Death Do Us Part 3


What was happening? I haven't seen Julie in days, since that sick bastard tried killing her in the new supermarket I opened for her, and she was taken to the hospital, I haven't seen her. Even when I got to the hospital, they said she left for home. What could have gone wrong? This was my thought before I got a call from Eddie, my street connect. I had told him of the incident and he smiled on hearing it. That wasn't an reaction I expected, not like the disrespectful part of it tho, I mean I'm the special adviser to the state governor on security issues, it wouldn't be hard for me to get rid of Eddie if he disrespects me, but what happens after that? Eddie is one of the brains behind the highest street gang in the state, wasn't the leader tho, but was the leader's favorite adviser. He gets them out of trouble with his master plans. Turning an ordinary street gang to an organized crime gang. I had to pull him closer as to tame the security challenges in the state. I paid their gang not to cause trouble in the city, and also in times like these, it's Eddie I call. He knows every criminal in the city, the gang they belonged to and how powerful they are, he never gives them up tho, but he helps me settle some issues if it crosses path with any of them. I had told Eddie what happened to my girlfriend and he laughed, he told me it wasn't far from Paulo's family. You see Paulo was a nephew to a mafia boss in my city. I met Paulo's fiancĂ© at the clinic and made her an offer she couldn't turn down. Well at that point I didn't know what family Paulo came from. Now according to Eddie, they might come for me, regardless of my street protection from Eddie's gang. It might result to a war but that would be after I'm dead. Now that's a tough one! At the other hand, Eddie wasn't sure, so he said he would investigate. Julie  has been missing for days now, and her car too. According to Eddie, if it was Paulo's family, the car will be chopped up and sold in parts and will be very hard to trace or might be destroyed. And the car is the best trace to Julie. Although the police was handling their investigation, the police in cases like this depend on snitches or people with a similar past crime, basically snitches and according to Eddie, you don't snitch on the Obiakor's family, they are deadly like that. Unless you don't have a loved one that will take the fall. The case was almost a dead end until Eddie called, like he always said, there must always be a mistake, and if you are looking at the right place at the right time, you will find the mistake. Eddie has the same chop shop connect with the Obiakor's family, he buys and sells car parts from the connect. So he had called and asked for car parts similar to the car Julie was driving when she got missing. But as Eddie had predicted, the Obiakor family might have given an order not to sell any part of the car they sent in to the chop shop, and in such dangerous business, there is serious customer confidentiality and if an order is given not to sell any part of the chopped car, that means no word about the car goes out. Eddie knowing all these requested for some nuts peculiar to the car but also not so valuable, the type you discard after chopping up a car, and he called the newest mechanic in the chop shop who didn't know how the crime business works, offering an extra cash for a part of the car to be discarded. So once Eddie got a positive call from the mechanic, he knew it was the Obiakor's that took Julie. That whole day Eddie confirmed my worst fear, I couldn't sleep. I knew Eddie wanted me to help him get the Obiakor's out of his way. He wanted his gang to stop petty crime and go for something as big as drugs and arms deal. Eddie's gang were mostly responsible for robberies and car snatching. They also gave protection to small business owners but the Obiakor's had the bigger business and the main money connect and had refused to use their gang for drug peddling and arms muling because they were too rough, making other weaker gangs they use level up to them financially when they were not as strong. Eddie wasn't happy about that, but couldn't go to war with the Obiakor's, they were more organized and connected. Eddie wanted to use my power in the state government as the special adviser on security matters to destabilize them for a while so he can stage a war. Eddie had saved my ass so many times from assassins and what not, and I dare not say no to his request, the kinda relationship I had with Eddie isn't a type you work out on, it's the type you maintain till death do you part.