The Sapiosexual

Intelligence is sexy 
The crave for knowledge 
Off the path of ignorance 
Into the memory lane 
She walks gracefully like a cat 
Cooks like a chef 
She discusses the headlines on the paper 
Twinning her hair unconsciously 
I keep tabs 
She throws her head back and laugh 
She gets my abstract jokes 
Her mind flows like the rhythm of a symphony 
She quotes the bible with chapters and verses 
Remembers every said word 
Like the placement of a marble floor 
Her mind works 
Rearranging the pieces of a broken glass 
Her imagination heals 
She talks beautiful 
Not the physical 
Tap dancing to classics 
The jazz of her soul 
The grasp of knowledge is addictive 
It's cologne is written words 
Her mind cannot be lonely 
Like a book in a shelf 
She cannot sit alone 
She sees indigo in purple 
Maroon in red 
The library wall do not enclose her 
Rather it liberates 
Standing in the beach she doesn't see sand 
She feels the tiny crystal around her ankle 
The make up on her face is fonts and alphabets 
She smells the excitement of a new print 
She sits with the king but not like a commoner 
Her counsels is foundation to his wisdom 
Her words transform to knowledge 
Yet a soothing voice 
The evening delight of a husband 
Poetry like lullaby for adults 
Candle light dinner 
Randy minds connect before the body 
Connected mind cannot celebrate celibacy 
A conscious mind paints portraits of her lover 
The awareness of her lover frames the portrait with confidence  
Stars don't lay on the field 
And grasses has no place in the sky 
The skin has been sedated against the carnal 
If it connects it's must be internal 
While other dance to the radio 
She listens 
Awaiting that conscious phrase to arouse her soul 
Never infatuated by the norm 
Intelligence gives her the butterflies 
When asked her identity 
She is known as The  Sapiosexual   

-The Vyrus