The Kate's Diary 10


By Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi

                I have been discharged from the hospital; after my bus incident at the market and me dying. Will you believe nobody got to believe I died and saw myself dead? Nobody believed me, not even Eddie my so called better half, Gibson thought I was going nuts when I told him I came to his house as a ghost. Despite the fact that I described his whole house, his room, his siblings and what they were talking about when I came in as a ghost. Well of course he didn’t believe me still, instead he created his own personal belief that I was possessed by a familiar spirit which informed me of the things I was saying. It usually starts with a suggestion of a being possessed; next I will be on Emmanuel TV with TB Joshua. Please o, that’s not a happy ending maybe for others it might be but I don’t see anything pleasant about being delivered of demonic possession on international TV.  Call it pride all you want, my mom will even say I shouldn’t swallow spit in shame, well I’m about to swallow even shit in shame, because am never talking about my death and ghost walk again. This will be one of the many things I will carry to my grave. Besides, I wasn’t even supposed to remember what happened, Jane herself was confused too, she said it was the first time of such happening and she was the only one who believed me at all, and she was deaf and dumb, so it was of no use still.   With how things were going I needed a break, needed to get away from all the craziness and demon possessions, the dead walks and what have you. I didn’t have enough funds for a proper vacation, and
I had to improvise so from the hospital I went straight to Eddie’s house to stay for a while and cool off. At least, with him I can feel cozy and loved; since it was his affection that actually pulled me back to life just like the old ghost lady said, what else could i ask for. I just needed time off all those life issues we have been having. Staying with Eddie Sets me straight back in the days before we started having issues, Eddie loved me so much at times I get scared and wondered if he was human. Eddie was like my heartbeat, every step, every move, every decision, even before I made it, he always knew. All my secrets, all my fears, all my insanity and short comings he was comfortable with them all. The part that scares me the most was the fact that he was sexually faithful; who does that? I always believed that the only two types of faithful men were the clergy and the broke. Eddie wasn’t really Carlos slim but he could afford girls if he wanted. But he never lied to me, he will rather not tell me about it at all than lie to me, and he will still tell me later because he hardly kept any secret from me.  For the years we were totally together, I didn’t discover any single lie. He puts me ahead of everything and everyone, that’s why he was always at my beck and call. I was his secret warehouse of sins. He told me his darkest secret in confidence. He never saw an unhappy ending with me. Such affection was gravely. Maybe that was why I screwed it up, maybe I was scared that such magnitude of affection was becoming so real and genuine or maybe like that most men believe; girls always have a way to mess up real love. Well I don’t even think it matters anymore, because these few days I spent in his house after the accident, I saw a different Eddie. He was so cold and indifferent he will always smile but who am I kidding, I dated him for years, I know a fake smile when I see one. The whole situation was killing my freshly revived soul, slowly eating away my joy although he won’t admit to it, I knew he was basically enduring my presence; it was more like an obligation than he wanted me to be there. I will try to start a fight like we constantly do back then and end up with makeup sex, But Eddie won’t bite, he wasn’t  even bothered, according to him he just wanted me to be happy and be fine but  I was obviously not his source of joy any more. What could be more exhausting than that? The devil hasn’t seen a tougher job than keeping hell burning. I will happily switch jobs with him if he can return my Eddie to me. My cup of grief was already running over, and I couldn’t bear it any more. And the worst is him asking “what is wrong? Did I do anything?” so casually like he can’t see the pain in my eyes of his new attitude.  Seems like my pain kindles his joy candle or maybe he can’t see any more because his attention isn’t on me anymore. Well either way I was done trying; I was bent on leaving this house I had been contemplating on it since and thinking deep if i should leave, in fact I decided the previous night to leave for my own good. My heart needs oxygen and it feels like all Eddie could offer was carbon, hell I’m not about getting another ghost walk. This time I might just end up in a psychiatric ward. I summoned courage and spilled my guts out, but Eddie pretended not to have heard me, griping the pad of his Ps3. He just bought that game, and sadly the black electronic box got more attention than I did. Who knew I could ever be jealous of an object. Its sight irritates me. If it wasn’t that expensive, I would have smashed it and see if I would be paid attention for a minute.  I repeated myself in an aggressive tone and he burst into laughter. He heard me the first time but wanted to know what I will do. What could be more annoying? Well at least he paused the game to stare absent mindedly at me. Although I wasn’t too impressed with his fake concern asking me why I wanted to go it was obvious it didn’t make any difference  if I stayed. I kept a straight face to remind him I didn’t actually have a good time at his house. He just kept asking “what did I do? Did I do anything wrong? Very annoying; I didn’t want to piss myself off the more by explaining or asking him to see me off, although he insisted. I wished he insisted I should stay back rather than insisting to see me off. Well since he wasn’t ready to ask me to stay back there was no need for him to see me off so i left while he was still trying to dress up.
                I stood beside the narrow and crooked road leading to the main street from Eddie’s street, under the hot sun, waiting for a taxi, for almost five minutes, and then I saw Eddie coming out from his block to the major road where I was standing. This is just stubborn, I loved being with him but I just had to go, why wouldn’t he ask me to stay back? I wondered why he became so different. I was still looking at Eddie walk through with my pondering mind, when an SUV Pulled up right in front of me “Who is this?  My mind wondered probably of these womanizers in the habit of giving random girls lifts. The windows of the Lincoln Navigator SUV slowly wind down revealing a man supposedly in his mid forties. He was asking the direction I was going, it was funny because I know this type of men. Even if I was going to hell, it automatically becomes the direction he’s headed, so it was no use trying lie to him. Besides, Eddie was standing across and watching me, and he hated it when people gave me lifts.  He had warned me against it severally before so I hopped into the vehicle although every bone in my body was against it, I needed to show Eddie how quickly I can move on, since he has been acting like he was so irreplaceable. I’m a pretty girl for Christ’s sake and he should learn to appreciate the finer things of life. If not for the anything, the look on Eddie’s face as the SVV drove off was quite satisfactory; I know he wished he never came out to see me off. He was oozing with anger as he walked back to his house.
                Few minute drive any from Eddie’s house I started regretting hitching that ride. This man will definitely ask for my number and will also insist to drop me off at my house. How can I deal with that? As I was still wondering, he started off by asking my name and where I lived, trying to talk slick and impress me. I wonder how a man in his mid-forties can impress me. After the long talk, of course he asked for my number as I presumed which I gave him and he dropped me off, right in front of my street. I stood to watch him drive off because I can’t risk him knowing my block. Just as he drove off and I turned to walk down into my street, a Mercedes Benz V-boot as it commonly called around here pulled up right in front at me. I was wondering, what is this for? A couple of ladies came out of the car quickly with guns hitting me in the head severally while the other opened the trunk of the car and forced me inside and then giving me a last hit that blacked me out.

                I blinked my heavy lids slowly, tried to rub, my eyes open but my hands weren’t responding, so I forced my eyes open. I was in a warehouse obviously gagged and tied to a chair, looking around, there were other girls also tied to chairs naked wearing just their underwear. Several other girls up to twenty of them sitting with gagged mouths just like me. I was the only one who was dressed. Other girls were staring at me, all sweaty and tired, I couldn’t figure out what was going on from looking around. And since my mouth was sealed too, I couldn’t ask either. So I sat calm starring at those girls who from what I observed fear has taken over their system. But on my side, I wasn’t scared one bit. My mind only wondered two things; why am I here, and how do I get out of here. In my mind I knew I was getting out of there no matter what, what worse could happen, Death? I already died once, I have been kidnapped before, I have been shot at before, what worse could happen?  As a matter of fact I started getting angry I could destroy whoever brought me here if I was given  the chance, but my freedom is still paramount so I sat still in silence and watched as  one of the masked ladies walked in with a pair scissors to rip my clothes  apart.  After which she pulled the gag off my month mouth asking me to scream as loud as I can. I already got the drill; she wanted me to know that even if I screamed, nobody could hear me. This woman obviously just picked me up randomly, because if she had asked questions, she would know I wasn’t new to situations like this, and for me to get out of there, I needed all the energy I could have and screaming wastes a lot of energy. I looked her in the face and smiled then asked her “what am I doing here?” the look on her face was priceless, my question was obviously not what she expected.  She slapped and gagged me up again. As soon as she left the room the entire girls in the room starred at me like I was some sort of messiah; I was obviously the only person without fear in the room. And Eddie had previously taught me that learning how to manipulate my fear is the Best I can do in the face of danger because it gives my brains some space and calmness to think, and at that moment, my escape was the only thing, could think of. I didn’t care to know why I was there anymore; I just needed to get out of there. I was still wondering how to get out when a couple of cadies all masked walked in again. On a normal day I was supposed to be fidgeting. I was even surprised at my own personal composure. Very calm and settled. I was the newest girl there certainly because all those other girls looked unkempt like they have been there for weeks.  I being the newest needed an orientation, so the ladies were there to give it. The four ladies walked up to me and stood in front of me looking at me. I was confused, because I couldn’t see their faces, not for anything anyway but to know their facial expression so I can know what the whole drama was about, business or personal reasons.  Finally one took off her mask revealing a really angry face that stared at me in disgust. It was really personal, she looked at me like I did something wrong to her. This development left me confused, I’ve never seen this woman before, I had no idea why she was that mad at me.


At least I needed to know why she asked if I knew  why I was there;  I nodded  my head, I didn’t really know why I was there, as a matter of fact, I had no clue to why I was there. But at that point needed to confuse them a little, I was sure they didn’t expect me to believe I knew why I was there. They were a bit surprised that I didn’t shake my head, probably like most of their victims. I just smiled, not physically of course my mouth was still cowered. You know that joy that fills your heart when you disappoint an enemy? That’s the kind.  The lady asking the question came closer, this time less surprised and angrier. She ungagged me and started yelling at me. Asking if I thought it was a joke, if my mouth wasn’t dripping with her saliva that would be the point I would really laugh, I got under her skin so much she didn’t see what was coming to her. she pulled a sliver  berretta to my face, jamming my mouth close with the tip of the gun from  under my jaw  while she kept yelling and salivating my face with a reasonable  amount  of spit; It was just disgusting. Her yelling revealed a lot to me. She had been suspecting her husband for cheating on her for a while but never got a hold of the girl her husband has been sleeping with, until today when her husband picked me up. These ladies have an association, wives of cheating rich men; they find a way to eliminate whoever their husband cheats with without the man even knowing. Once the girl is spotted, she is kidnapped and locked away in the ware house for as long as they could. Cool stuff I would say if it was a story been told to me, but I’m experiencing it. These powerful women do this and get away with it. In my opinion, I didn’t care personally what they do to girls who prefer married men to young boys but for Christ’s sake i didn’t sleep with her husband. I can’t even recall the name he introduced himself as because I was never and will never be interested in a married man all fat with hairy chest and a round belly looking like an alien humpty dumpty.  Well of course it didn’t matter at that moment, when i was smelling death again. These scorned ladies were going to show me something worse than hell’s fury.  I was just mad at Eddie, I was mad at him because I only entered that man’s car to piss him off because of what he did and how he treated Me. Now because of that, I got myself into trouble. I was getting heated up while the lady continued yelling, until  it got to a point I exploded in anger and screamed to her  face “I DIDN’T SLEEP WITH YOUR HUSBAND”,  she  hit me with the berretta so hard  I passed out.

                A couple of hours later, I was awake, eyes still closed but ears wide open I was hearing  the ladies whisper, right behind me, I could hear them argue clearly. They were debating if I was the right girl they had been tracing for weeks. One of them confirmed she followed the man and saw him pick me up. As their conservation and argument continued, I noticed I was cut loose probably when I passed out to allow proper blood circulation. When I noticed I wasn’t tied, still lying on the floor, I stayed still like I was still unconscious, calculating my next move. I had thought of I plan of escaping and leaving the other girls behind, but if I did, the entire search party with be focused  on me alone and since I don’t know my way around, it  will be easy to catch me, so I ruled that out. I opened my eye a bit to observe the environment, the operation involved just ladies, mostly untrained combatants who basically believe they are tough enough to do what they can and get away with it. Most of their rifles were left lying against the wall close to the door, as they were still arguing; mind absorbed into the conversation. The lady who had a gun to my face was backing me where I was lying on the floor with her barrette tucked right behind her back.  For me, it was just to make a quick run for it before the ladies will grab their rifles.
                I quickly stood up to make a run for the berretta but couldn’t, I hadn’t  taken anything   since morning  and the blow to my head was just too much . As I stood up too fast and had a dizzy moment staggering backwards while the ladies reached for their rifles, I fell to the ground and blacked out again. The good part of the whole thing is that they didn’t realize I was about to make a run for the gun. So they took me out of the hostage room to another room. More like a sick bay or something. Hours later when I woke up, I had a drip cord stringed to one of my arm and the other cuffed to the bed; these ladies really meant business.  I blinked my eyes open and looked around. The supposed guard who was looking after me was fast asleep; Seems like the lady had a long day because after I had detached the drip, used the needle to pick the cuff lock and took her rifle, she was still dozing. I came out of the room, everywhere was dark, it seems like it was about three A.M in the morning. Everybody was very asleep. I didn’t know which room was the hostage room so I had to walk around a bit to find it. They had two guards sitting right outside the door but also sleeping that was how I knew it was the hostage room. As I was about making a move, when I heard several, footsteps, it woke the guards sleeping. I had to pause a moment to see who it was, I lay back to the wall with the rifle in my hands. It was pitch dark but multiple flash lights moving in a search pattern, coming in from outside the compound, I was confused for a second, maybe another girl was being brought in, but I was wrong. It was a police invasion, probably something they have been on for a while, the police moved in gallantly like the US SWAT. I was happy that rescue finally came and out of excitement I jumped out of hiding forgetting I had a rifle in my hand.