Subconsciously Wounded Egos

We have  been subconsciously convinced black is not beautiful! 
That's my mom always yell "Nnaa go and cut your hair and look resposible" whenever I grow my hair. They try to make me believe my hair isn't beautiful. But I'm a rebel, I not only let it grow, I also let it lock! 
You see, I've never seen a white kid without hair. It might not be long, but they don't shave it off, it's only blacks that have been made believe that keeping our hair isn't beautiful. Now our ladies have to even relax our hair, stretch it and comb it so it will look like that of a white lady. If you let your hair lock, you become a rascal. They quickly judge you as a bad person simply because you have refused to look white. Subconsciously, they have succeeded in making us feel inferior about ourselves. Our queens buy hair costing thousands from other races just to hide their hair, they are no longer proud of their hair. They tone their skin to look more like that of a foreigner, they apply shades of Marc on their face to hid their colour, contact lens of blue eyes replacing their original, they don't like their blackness. They wanna be white. Being more white makes them feel more attractive. Subconsciously wounded egos... We don't know what we are doing to ourselves. White supremacy have taken a toll on us. Will we heal from this? Only you can answer yourself, because at the end of the day, no matter how hard you try, you cannot don't be white, you can only embrace your race build your ego and be proud of yourself. 

- The Black Rebel