Religions in Africa

I still don't understand why we feel Jesus and Mohamed are better than Amadioha, Oduduwa or whichever God your tribe had before Africa was invaded. They come with their God to make ours look bad because they came with things we haven't seen before. We welcomed them only for them to raid us! Even till date I still see white folks worshipped in Africa while black folks are murdered on the daily by white cops. Far away in the United States, they kill us, but down here we worship them. You could see it that African tradition and culture was harsh in some cases of killing twins. But looking at Christianity and Islam, they aren't any better! The world is being torn apart because of these two religion white men brought to us, and we are becoming part of the destruction because we embraced this religion. Imagine black people killing themselves because of Jesus and Mohamed who are clearly white! Does that seem wise to you? You will gladly stone me to death or condemn me to hell this calling it blasphemy. But while stoning me and condemning me, remember if they really loved us like their Gods claim, they won't let us die of diseases and poverty when we use all our little resources to build mosques and churches for their pastors and Imams! Let that sink in! 

-Vulgar Radio