On Linda Ikeji's Issue

On this Linda Ikeji issue, it's simple, if you've read 48 Laws of power,  states that you should never disclose to anyone how much you are earning. It's similar to what happens in Hollywood, once you start making your earnings public, that's when people start framing you, setting traps and suing you to have a share of what they didn't work for. Some weeks back, Linda bought a brand new tear rubber range rover evogue, the gist went viral, she was showing off her cars; Spider, Infiniti and the range rover. Omo those cars are not here... The cars no easy. Even war journalists don't enjoy such luxury. That shit triggered a hate alert. Mafia Manager and 48 laws of power warned against that shit. Suddenly, people start figuring she copies shits and don't credit it to whoever. Like they didn't know all along, they just hate the fact the young lady who already name for herself now gets quick cash easy over shits they have to swim with crocs to achieve. I'm sure y'all already know the story. My point is, if you wanna show off, be abstract about it and mislead a little to shield yourself from being a target, especially when you are doing some illegal shit. All these up coming yahoo boys snapping with laptops and runs girls snapping in hotel rooms, that's a little too much information you are giving out. Don't be yelling 'haters! Haters!' When the trouble starts. You might not be able to handle what those haters will pull off.