My Kaduna Experience

Large lands no buildings 
Yardan Allah 
Mosques with two horns 
Kids and teenagers hawking 
N.D.L.E.A thorough searching 
Nasir El-Rufai for governor 
Military check point 
Alahajis with fat cheeks 
Patriotic highways 
Maize farming on dry lands 
Scanty trees on landscape 
Dangote depot 
Strait road to Abuja 
Cows with high I.Q 
Humans with low I.Q 
Yellow and green taxis 
Command junction and total filling station 
Ladies in long gowns and Dunlop slippers 
Sharwama express 
Lots of Igbo investments 
Kaduna north; Muslims 
Kaduna south; Christians 
Divided by River Kaduna 
"Free Palestine" graffitis 
Disney chicken 
Dark skins with oily faces 
Very cheap transportation 
Castles as homes 
No English spoken here 
Mildly scared foreheads 
General prayers every Friday by 1pm 
Sand bags in cammo 
Catholic social centre 
Police academy 
Established 1949 
DAAR communications 
Leh-Leh like tattoos on arms 
Ijabs and ijabs 
Kids backed under ijabs 
National geosciences research laboratories 
Wizbouy's infinity on the radio 
The hips of Kaduna girls 
Tribal marks like tiger's whiskers 
Face tattoos on females 
Too many beautiful girls 
Too many ugly boys 
Malams with brown teeth 
Total freedom of hot sun 
212 fast foods 
Really nice people ruined by religion  Dishonest Igbo everywhere 
Old time religions 
And new school decisions 
Kilishi hustle 
2face upped the demand 
Places imagined turned out different 
Surprised by the difference 
Single cycle rides
Expected less 
Affordable everything 
Felt more than the heard 
Would love to return 
Feels of fear and comfort 
My Kaduna Experience 


Catherine said…
Hmmm nva knew u took note of all dese while slipn inside dat Keke lolz intelligent mind, wonderful writeup n I will gladly host u nxt time!