My Abuja Experience

So this is Abuja? 
Ok! Well it's beautiful 
Soldiers with frowned faces 
Cattles at the entrance 
Julius Berger; diversion 
Caution: Men at work 
Red and white road demarcators 
Quadruple road lanes 
Road painted like technical drawings 
High tension cables on right flank 
40 kilometers per hour 
The ultimate redefined 
Did I mention 'for men'? 
Give way 
50 kilometers per hour  
Unexplainable mast skeleton 
Multiple pedestrian flyover 
Green taxis 
Drivers on dirty caftan 
Chiwetelu Agu on Glo billboards 
Politics can be perceived 
The schemes are visual 
Optic excitement 
Maintenance of public utility amenities 
The whole country should be like this 
National flag on billboards 
Umaru Musa Yaradua highway 
Estates with distinguished roofings 
Behold horticulture 
City of bomb blasts 
Eddie don't relax here 
You might get blown to pieces
Constructions in progress 
Sane drivers 
Gaduwa Estate 
Flashy cars with tinted glasses 
Plaza and plazas 
Police patrol 
Sexy pathways 
Business is business 
Traffic installment 
National Assembly quarters 
Car sticker adverts 
What would Jesus do? 
No housing segregation 
Everywhere is residential 
Everywhere is an office 
Digital screens on rooftops 
Broadways and cameras 
Mosques and churches
Igbos everywhere 
Seriously, igbos everywhere 
Everybody is somebody 
Nobody is nobody 
Cranes and pulleys 
Only big cars at car dealerships 
Speed bumps ahead 
You don't know why but you are dying to 
Hot sun at noon 
Cold chills at night 
Literal house on the rock 
Care calls in my lover's voice 
Super eagles peeping from their shuttle 
Tiny chills from house of assembly quarters 
No two headed humans 
No fairy godmother 
No splash waterfalls 
Just overrated events of a regular city 
My Abuja Experience