Independence is New Year

Words of a sudden believer 
Is like the blood of an Ebola survivor 
It's strong 
Strong like the winds of hurricane 
Strong like the whip of 'agba' cane 
It touches the skin behind the flesh 
And the heart behind the chest 

Motives are saintly 
Actions quite gravely 
But the ends 
Joyful like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow 
Hopeful like the light at the end of a dark hole 
It rekindles a damp lamp 
And waters a dry land 

The walk of a new born is shaky 
But the smile steady 
The beauty
Like the grace of a new Dawn 
New hope and fresh beginning born 
The heights set to attain 
Today Nigeria's born again 

Plains of revolution 
Motto of a new resolution 
The Youths 
Like the sands of time suspended 
The patience of the dog's exhausted
The old rugged crosses had their time 
The end of the aged is a youngster's prime 

Motives of Earth's day 
New year her birthday 
Fresh passion 
Like the breath of fresh air 
Rewards of the gasp feels fair 
We youths don't see an Independence Day 
To us independence is new year 

-The Vyrus 


mireya said…
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Anonymous said…
Good one. Best post about independence
d pee said…
Lol. Dis vyrus sef, u dey rugged everything