Hope Caught Me Off Guard

These fatal emotional casualties reoccurs 
Loosened hinges 
Plastic binds to a heart falling apart 
Taller fingers don't talk about equality 
The little get reminded 
All fingers are not equal 
I read 'the looser's creed again' 
It bonds with my soul 
Be a demon, 
Be a demon if you have to go to hell
When you sell your soul, reap the fruits 
If joy is lost, embrace sadness 
Lace your shoes with hate strings 
Paint the white keys on your piano red 
Let your soul bleed to sad music 
I've elapsed to darkness 
It's filled my soul 
I see through the dark 
My pupil is night visioned 
I see no sunrise 
I'm paused in it's set 
I hope for no dawn 
I'm clutched by the dusk 
But change is constant 
When nothing is constant 
The gods hold the future 
Like a sorcerer with black jack 
Tables turn to my awful delight 
The sun shone my dark filled soul 
My joy rekindled 
Like an Unexpected rainbow of comfort 
Hope caught me off guard 

-The Vyrus