Great Walls of China

She reads hard 
Hard like the research on cancer 
Pushed to learn real hard 
Her mind grows in it's pace 
But can a palm grow faster? 
When the bamboo is it's grade 
Tested with the same libido 
So when tested she crashes 
Yes, She crashes 
Crashes like the walls of Jericho 

He gives it his all 
Shots from his heart like a cannon ball 
Surviving with his wounded Achilles heels 
But seasons ain't the same around the world 
So it's hard expecting peter's results from Paul 
It falls apart 
When expected to achieve same goals 
Yes, he falls apart 
Falls apart like the walls of Jericho 

Quitters don't get re-elected 
They retire after the first tenure 
She doesn't shirk when rejected 
He is oblivious to failure  
When hope is re-invented 
Success like pregnancy has no closure 
When handed the ugly things of life
Determined minds make it finer
And they stand through time 
Like the great walls of China 

- Misunderstood Nerd