Ebola Free Nigeria

Nigeria is now Ebola free. Yaaay! Some would scream. We overcame it finally, but sit down and think. Let it sink for a minute, have we really done all we need to do about that issue? Huh? I'm not really talking about the precautions o! That's like the normal human action to keep itself alive, we always strife to stay alive. I'm talking about knowing why Patrick Sawyer came here with the intention of maliciously spreading that virus. Or don't we all think it's abnormal to want to spread that virus on purpose and coming specifically to Nigeria??? Because I strongly believe there's more to it. Being that he wasn't interrogated before he died. Would it be that we have enemies now like the USA? Because Eric Duncan did the same thing Patrick Sawyer did. It's understood that the US have enemies they know about. But so we now have enemies too? I strongly suggest the country look deep into this as it might be an act of terrorism. Do you know that since Ebola entered USA, their Economy dropped drastically??? Maybe one of the reasons china sprung up higher, I'm not an expert in that field so I cannot be sure, I just feel it. Would it be the same think they tried doing to us since we became the highest economy in Africa? Have you thought of that? Funny thing is that our economy didn't even shake when we had Ebola in our country. Strong Nigerians wouldn't let even the devil stop them from progressing. True spirit of Africans! I must brag that we are strong! Did you know Patrick sawyer tried leaving the hospital where he was being cared for?  If not for Dr. Adadevoh who prevented him from leaving, he would have left for calabar. Strong Nigerian woman, shame she lost her life to the disease later on. She should be celebrated for her heroic endeavors (God rest her soul). Also other volunteers and all that helped fight Ebola in Nigeria. Lagos state government and WHO. 
Dr. David (from Virginia USA) 
Dr. Badmus 
Dr. Carolina (from Argentina) 
Justina Ejelonu (RIP)
Mrs. Ukoh (RIP)
Mr. Mauricio (from Italy) 

And others their names aren't known yet! God bless them all! 
Remember USA refused to release the Zmapp vaccine for use to fight the Ebola virus, claiming it wasn't cleared for use yet. But was quickly used to treat Dr. Brantley because he is a US citizen. And now it's in USA officially, the have at least five other vaccines better than even Zmapp. Funny how we are left to die with this virus tagged 'An African disease' claiming there is no cute for it. So much for the world being a global village. It's so easy making 'we are the world' claiming unity on records than actually being united. International conference against Ebola started springing up as soon as the disease left the shores of Africa; it then became a global epidemic no longer an African disease. Well  Somehow we Nigerians managed to handle Ebola with minimal causalities with no vaccine whatsoever. If that isn't applaudable, I wonder what is. Apart from the fact that we Nigerians are strong, God loves us! We need to start seeing that.  

- Spiritual Wickedness In High Places