Biggity's Induction

They say children start storing events in their memory from the age of 3. So When I was 3, my memory came alive. I noticed I had two grown ups I called 'mummy' and 'daddy' and a little man my parents call 'my brother'. My parents' second child two and half years after I was born. I can't say of my affection towards him then, cause my mom keeps reminding me of how I pressed a pillow over his head trying to suffocate him when his was a baby, something I would have regret all my life if my mom didn't come in to beat my stupid ass off of him. My mom also reminds me of how I rode my tricycle carrying him on the carriage behind on high speed towards a wall and jump off the tricycle as I approached the wall letting him crash against the wall with the tricycle. Evil me, right? Well I would have stayed regretting all my life if happened to hurt him permanently. Because as it turned out, he became the best friend I had growing up. Moms had a lil issue having more kids so for the next 9 years my brother was the only person I had before the last came along, he was the only one I played with and kicked it with growing up because we moved around a lot. Imagine how it woulda been if my possessed-ass succeeded in hurting him those times I tried. I remember my parents sewing uniforms for us; brocade, safari and packet shirt, like it was called in those days. Lol. Going to kids birthday parties and children's day together. Walking from our house to my uncle's just by our selves playing along the road with excitement of the movies we were gonna watch, back then we had no TV. Written in my memories are stories I cannot explain. He was basically the white sheep of the family, things that took me much to accomplish, he did em with ease. I could remember back then in Abakiliki, I had finished nursery school, my parents were bothered about him going to nursery school alone since All Saints Nursery School wasn't behind our house like Ezza Road Primary school I attended. So after nursery 2, he was pulled out and given a shot in primary school, my parents were scared he won't be able to make it since he didn't finish nursery school. Come end of the term Ezemeka was running home from school through the farm to my parents he was soo little all you could see running the farm was a little hand holding his report card up, he had passed with flying colours.  Moving to Enugu we changed from public school to private school so we had to loose two years each, I was supposed to be in primary five but I dropped to primary three and he dropped to nursery three, but after doing so well, at the end of the term he passed both nursery 3 exams and primary 1 exams, he moved strait to primary 2. He was the little miracle doer. I remember having boils on my both legs as a kid and going to school being that my parents had no car back then and they had to go to work, my two and half years younger little brother had to back me all the way from GTC staff quarters where we lived to Chiazo Primary school, that's down 38 bus stop for those who know Enugu well. Just imagine the sight. Fuck it! I love that boy! And at evening we go for fellowships, I always told him stories of new movies I watched, lies! Lol he knew it was stories I made up, because it was always a new story everyday, but he listened and asked me questions like I was really telling him about movies I watched. Prolly one of the reasons I have confidence in my writings now. Back then I would steal out of my moms purse and buy stuffs for him, then he'll ask "Nnaa kedu ebe isi weta ego?" He always made sure my ways were legit, one time I told him I saw a rat running with money in it's mouth, I chased it and took the money. I swear I told him this! And when my mom started looking for her money, he told my mom what I told him. Lol. One of the events my parents can't forget about me. Things weren't all rosy between us though, we had our constant fights as a matter of fact we stopped fighting the day out little brother had to break us up and was yelling "Nna, Eze, kwusinu ihea". Watching our little brother we gave years break us up was the height of it, and that was the last time we had a rumble. Lol. I remember when he just got into command, looool. I was in Js3 and he was in Js1, he would carry his whole books to school In a bag, damn! Very big bag and I was one of the cool kids then suddenly I have a little brother that carries a heavy-ass bag, was bad for my reputation, I always teased him about it. His whole js1, he carried that big big bag, on the days we were gonna lap ourselves in a bus to school (the days we missed the then Chimaroke's free school bus) or the days I don't have lessons after school. Same lil boy with a big bag in js1 turned out the labour prefect in ss3, how cool is that? The same brother that got my back anytime any day, best believe I got his. This gentleman don't walk on common grounds. He is a big achiever too. Articulate, smart and much more responsible than I am, that my big little brother is graduating and having his induction today! I call him big little brother, because he is literally bigger than me but actually my little brother. Lol. Now our family got an engineer and a pharmacist too. Congratulations Biggity Blings!