When Hell Awaits

When Hell Awaits
ByLexy and TheVyrus
NB: This poem is written by an actual SATANIST and a DEIST

My anger leads me to homicidal aims, to see everyone I hate burning in eternal flames. I'm not a hater of fags so I won't say screw saint James. I control a minor legion in Hell and I'm very concise to the sufferings of lost souls in Gods forsaken place which reminds me of Christ's agony on the cross. My vision on earth is *****, nobody not even I care about the destruction of your inevitable fate. All I can say is "that your Hell's gates awaits". You can't see my world because its malevolence is too great in its dark glory. When its time for you to die you're going straight to Hell.
A place where the demons and damned souls dwell. I would just love to see your family burning for eternity.

The principalities of Hell would be an infinite fatality. In my interdiction I'll tie you to the Inverted cross and give you shot inflictions while I feed you with BDSM; not with a hard dick or wet pussy, but with sulphur-burning black flames as I gloat over your grieve and agony. Even the Devil himself knows that trait of mine behind the gates of Hell. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to judgement day where you feel dismay. With several bodies all on display, I'll watch them all burn in malicious ways. Watch as the flames of darkness unfolds across the land, this will be your final stand. I don't do this for attention, this is Hell's contention with the lost souls, the damned and sinners. So don't come to me with misapprehension.
-Lexy Otis Rockefeller \m/

I rape demons-- I rape them listening to dave chapelle laughing like the sex is funny. Christ died in pains and celebrate life with easter bunnies. I'm not righteous; the evil I do send shock waves to devil's system. The devil controls the world-- God designed freewill; I possess that passion and make the devil cry. Funny how he went from 'sun of the morning' to the 'power of darkness'. I feel loved walking in iniquity while molding my fate-- earthly pleasures and vanity, I enjoy what he missed yet open is the heavenly gates. I unify my past and my future and kneel in repentance; God forgives, Williams L. Robert does not. Bright glory and magnificence; a sight he couldn't pry. The magnitude of his facial disappointment when I miss his welcome party drives a brass cross through his gloat. Yeah! Had the drugs and harlots and also the final throne-- what a pain it beseech. I missed his agony; his jaw will drop-- like a flash back in reverse I clear my path to a glorious end. The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it? The devil becomes the victim of my evil heart; even him can't know it. And if it happens my soul be damned, lucifer faces a coup.
When hell awaits... Break the Devil's Heart
-young heart attack TheVyrus