Love is a funny ting.it'comes in so many hues and ways dat its almost impossibl to predicy d type of love yu'd experienc until you actually experience it...
But as confusing,happy or evn painful as t may seem,love is stl something we all look forward
To xperience...
Seriously you wl experience al ds ten types of love only if you choose to!

#1. Platonic love;
It is d simplest f all types,dia re no strinf attached and no sexual intentions eithet..it is pure,friendly, n something we xperienc from a very young age,..The kind you share wit siblings,close childhood friends and even few grown up friends.......

#2. Limerence and crushes:
Ever had a crush on someone?? Of course you hav! D first one is alwz memorable..
Limerence, is rather close to a crush buh much more intense and ''weird'' ..hav yu eva liked someone madly buh ddnt wan2 express yur love for dem..lyk schl teacher,or an actor or actress or evn a crush?

#3. Unrequited love;
It is love filled wt hartbreaks nd its one sided love...where yu like someone nd yu knw dat no matter hw much yu try to impress dem,d person will neva evn like yu back...ouch! Dat hurts ryt''?? They may jus use you..yu wl find yurslf fallin more in love wt dem,each passing day.,ds type of love gives love a bad name...watch out!

#4. Obsessive love:
Are yu an obsessive lover or someone who's addicted 2 dia partner?? Do yu feel helpless and lonely wtout dat special sum1 n ur arm? If yu'v eva bin an obsessive lover? Dia's a good chance yu've sucked d life out of your partner nd pissd dem off..bliv me its nt worth doin...t sucks...!!!obsessiv lover are scared,insecure n obviously obsessive abt d r/shp n dia partner.

#5. Selfish love:
Selfish love is smart.selfish love involves two ppl who are in love wit one person...your partner loves you..you love you!!! It is a narcissistic love wherr yu don care abt your partner or dia happiness..too bad!

#6, Awwww. Love:
Awww....thats soo cute. Ths type of love is the most spontaneous nd yet,d one yu'll forget the soonest..t lasts for a few seconds,sometyms evn less nd some odatymz, alot longer....

#7. Same sex love:
Ever felt an intense burst of happiness wen yu see a friend f d same sex? Yu'r both straight,yu dont cuddle,or grope eachoda.. But some how yu just love this person..ts more of awe,respect and admiration....

#8. Lusty love:
Evrr dated sumone who got yu wet wit a hug? Ever had a crush on sumone who makes yu want to do things to yurslf wen yu're alone in bed?? Sumone yu're extremely ''SEXUALLY'' attracted to..

#9. Romantic love:
Butterflies,bliss nd wat a wondaful'' is all yu nid to tink of wen yu xperience dis...its beautiful,sappy lovr at ts best...the world looks so much more bitiful nd yu cnt hold that grin back no matter wat you do or how much yu try to...you wan2 b wit yur swthrt all d time.even wen yu're not togeda...yu cnt help wanting to be togeda...ts lyk fairytales...

#10. Unconditional love:
Blessed are those who experience this special type of love for eachoda.Its not easy buh its worth it nd its definitely not something most ppl even wan2 try..buh if you ever take a leap of faith...you'd see what true love really feels like..
Do yu love someone mor dan you love yur self..?
Do yu care abt dt one person more dan yu care abt anything else in the world???

So how many types of love have you experienced so far!?