Clutching on my phone tweeting 
Mira! Rubbing on my eyes that was switching 
Alcohol in my system 
My ass on the bowl of my water cistern 
Its been a long val 
Distance relationship left me a lonely guy 
Like wild fire, the news started spreading 
On timelines, the gist started trending 
Goldie dead? Prolly another hoax 
Life aint BBA where your stay depends on votes 
She wasn't too appreciated 
They called her ugly and never reciprocated 
I wanted to be sure 
Mizsunshine, bonaxclusive and lindaikeji 
Damn! It was actually a Dark Val 
While we were chilling 
Having fun and eating 
Surfing net and tweeting 
A star was dying 
Making love to demons 
Fighting her restrictions 
Choosing death or living 
Love spilling that tight evening 
Its a good day to die 
With love still in the air 
We can't help but cry 
In our own solemn despair 
Your were our icon and our pride 
And an angel, an angel in disguise 
I guess its time 
Time to see the other side 
Sad we didn't pay much attention 
Much remorse and grievance 
And a lil celebration 
Now we will paint your pictures 
Damn! Your death will hurt 
We will sing you songs 
We will light you candles 
We will tweet and talk 
We will say you prayers 
You will trend and pop 
Sad we in a nation with no love till you drop 
Wish we paid more attention 
Instead of saying all that 
We will learn your classes 
We will write you tributes 
We will learn your verse 
We won't forget in a hurry 
We won't 'touch your body' 
We will fight your wars 
We won't burn your pasts 
We will cry you an ocean 
When it rains it pours 
We won't forget the days when the first comes last and last comes first 
I wish we didn't write those tweets on your eviction day 
Making fun of your sorrow with you on display 
This is no joke, no preparation 
This is dedication 
We read about you now and your impact on the nation 
So this is appreciation 
Rest in peace Goldie Havery, your fans are shedding tears 
And This is no good bye see you in a couple of years 

-The Vyrus Udensi