Tough Luck Of Happiness

Tough Luck Of Happiness

-The Vyrus Udensi

The pursuit of happiness 
The struggle of life 
Fraternity of sorrow 
Fighting against its thrive 
Knavish heartbreak in disguise 
The ills we do to its end 
Some sad yet pretend 
Transparent lies its methods and vice 
Billionaires, stars, achievers 
At the end we all die 

Does happiness last? 

Even as ghosts as we ride 
Frivolous lifestyle is a temporary smile 
Does happiness last? 
Loved ones' mistakes hurt so bad 
Change; constant; change those smile 
Like trees in autumn wealth shed 
Life is hardship with time 
Beauty fades 
Just memories left 
Most memories yet painful 
Most memories with rough ends 
Defiling the happiness of night rest 
Happiness achieved 
Yes! Achieved not retained 
Happiness achieved 
Yes! Achieved not maintained 
The universe seldom let it be 
Pursuit of happiness 
A constant refrain 
Pursuit of happiness 
Tears of joy and pain 
The force of sorrow in its battle field 
Tough luck of happiness is the fight to keep it