The Kate's Diary 7

The Vyrus’
Worst Wedding Gift

I just returned to town after my get-away with Eddie, whom by the way I still don’t know my place with. I came back to good news; my friend at school, chioma was about wedding. I already missed her low key traditional marriage at her village during my semi honeymoon with Eddie. Chioma has been hiding her knight in shining amour who came back from Europe, I really don’t know why. She never told us about any overseas boyfriend or anything, but I couldn’t bulge, I know how marriages work in Nigeria. As far as the dude is rich, nothing else matters.
She still hid the guy from people though at times I even wonder if the guy is blind or crippled that Chioma the highest bragger I’ve known in my life somehow managed to keep low. Well she kept claiming her relatives in the village might want to charms on her if they knew she was getting married. She kept the whole marriage ceremony as low as possible even I and other of her friends who she included in the bridal train didn’t even as much as see the picture of the acclaimed handsome rich dude who grew in the city but based in Abuja since he came back from Spain last year. She said seeing his face is a surprise package she has for us. Chioma bragged her wedding was going to be talk of the town since her traditional marriage was a low key thing. I was opportuned to be one of the carefully selected 12 bride’s maids, what am I even saying? Opportuned? Bitch please, im sexy and I know it! It’s my diary after all, I can write whatever I want down, it not a public journal.
My city has been the same since I left, no changes just that Chioma is getting married to a guy she dated for just six month, well …. Love happens and I was in Abuja, not even my city, it is Chioma’s wedding day and in still lying on my bed in my hotel room thanking about yesterday. It was eventful, yeah … yesterday was eventful, I ran into my 1st love Paul at the club with his friends, quite fun reminded me of the good old days. The reunion sex was great! Four times in two hours last nothing less than 20 minutes, even Eddie couldn’t deliver. It was quite passionate and intense, because I knew Paul missed me too. Back in our junior secondary school days when we dated, I has just eleven in JSS 2 then and Paul was 15 in SS1 when we started, his parents never liked me because they thought my family was just too poor and at the other hand, my parents didn’t like him either because they thought he was a bad influence seeing that Paul was from quiet a rich family and was in a public school because he couldn’t do well in other better schools and yet still lives n spends recklessly. Our eventful relationship lasted 3 yrs and ended when he finished and travelled abroad. I didn’t even know where it was he travelled to; we didn’t keep in touch, at least his parents made sure of that. Now years later, I came to Abuja for my friends wedding, sneaked out of the hotel room leaving my friends in their room last night I went down to the hotel’s club and wow! There was my first Love. I was so happy, I even felt more than butterflies in my tummy, I felt cockroaches too. He was so fine and charming all graceful with the same smile I always loved. He was also well dressed unlike before with this new class I like--seeing how successful he was, I had to ups my class too, at least to come up a little to his level. So I lied, I had to I claimed I was in Abuja for a business meeting. I lied and I felt so good about it; I mean who wouldn’t? Paul looked so good, I felt I was years back successful, I don’t know why I felt that way but I had this competitive urge to ups my standards. He said he came for family issues and we had this long catching up conversation then one thing led to another, I found myself in his room making love relentlessly with my long lost love. It was joyful and exciting I wanted more but I had to leave to get some rest because I was going to be running around the next day for my friend’s wedding to I had to leave booking another date the next night.
It was morning and I was still on my bed wondering how my date with Paul was going to be this evening. I was still on my bed, rocking on my thoughts when I heard a severe knock on my door up! I pulled stretching and yawning, I wiped my oily face on my way to the door which by the way is still being knocked on, dragging my feet. “Who is that? I yelled. “Open the door for” it wasn’t even one voice that replied. “As I stressed the key on the lock, swinging the door open, my fellow bride’s maid, three of them stormed in with strait faces. “What wrong?” This is supposed to be a happy day. “What’s up with the strait faces?” I continued enquiring. “Chioma’s fiancé just called off the wedding…” one answered”…we need to do something”. “What? Why? When? “I blurted in shock “...why in the world would he do that? Did he say why? I enquired further “Apparently, he is not interested in the marriage anymore”. That wasn’t enough to call of a wedding. I was already furious, oozing with anger. They futher explained that the guy called off the wedding because he just discovered he is not in love with Chioma, claiming that he is in love with someone else and continuing with the wedding wouldn’t be fair to Chioma or himself. “Didn’t the fool know he wasn’t in love with Chioma since, or he just wants to disgrace the young girl?” There was no answer to such a question yet, so I asked of Chioma’s status; she was with her mother who was trying to comfort her while the dad, together with the guys parents were trying to talk sense into the guys head. So we went over to Chioma’s room, on reaching there; the beautiful bride all excited I saw yesterday was something else, swollen face from crying for hours and red eyes of constant tears shedding. This wasn’t what I read about weddings in my childhood storybook; it was supposed to be every girls dream come true not this disaster I’m looking at. All of us were speechless, the whole 12 bride’s maid none had an experience on how to handle such a situation, crowding the penthouse suite of four star hotel, and some already crying. I really wanted to see the fool face to face at least; I could punch him in the face before he explained his reason. I sat down still speechless sympathizing with my friend when suddenly; one of the groom’s friends came in calling my name. I stood up like “yeah I am Kate, what’s happening?” “The groom wants you to see you.” The dude replied, It couldn’t get weirder, of the 12 of us it was I who don’t even know him he wants to see. I looked at Chioma seeking approval, and she nodded slowly in agreement. I tightened up my face and followed the guy that came for me, I was certainly going to punch this groom of a guy, who the hell does he think he is? Messing with any girl that way, just four rooms away from the bride’s room, was the groom’s a presidential suite, classy with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the first face I saw as I entered to room was Paul’s mom. “What the hell is this evil woman doing here?” my thought rang. Because I could remember, she made it a living hell for me dating Paul back in the days. What could possibly bring her here? “That’s the groom’s mom” the guy who brought me in explained as Paul’s mom dropped to the floor gasping and pointing at me “you…you…you!” was the last word from her mouth as she fainted. That was when it hit me, Paul was the  damn groom, looking at him rush his mom who was lying on the floor, got me feeling supper dizzy like I was hit in the head too. “What have I done?” Were the last thoughts in my mind as I blacked out helplessly.
Right from the moment Paul saw me at the club, he knew I was there for his wedding. But he still had feelings for me, his family cut us off, he still had me in mind but couldn’t find me, on seeing me that night, he was resuscitated, and the way we connected again made it easy for him to call the wedding off the next morning. He wanted me and I already wanted him too, he was my first love, the first guy I tried everything with, hug, kiss etc. I really had feelings for him. I wanted more not knowing he is my friend’s groom. This is unacceptable! I can’t do this to Chioma, some friendship are worth more than feelings which could die anytime, he stayed all those years in Europe without contacting me, he can stay more years in his marriage without me. This wedding was going to hold. Must! I was going to explain to Paul that I was in love with my boyfriend Eddie, as least that would push him back to Chioma. I was regaining consciousness  slowly and was hearing Paul narrating how we connected last night, the fool even narrated how we had sex, I don’t know how it works in Spain, but that wasn’t going to help matters here. I woke up to a pack of wolves staring hungrily at me like im some sort of prey. All the brides’ maids were waiting for me to make up for all hell to let loose. While verbal hell was being let loose on me by the bride’s maid, Chioma somehow got a hold of Paul’s Smith and Wesson. I was still cornered by the pack of bride’s maids who were busy letting hell loose on me. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot with Chioma standing in front of me holding a smoking gun and Paul down on the floor bleeding from the chest. Damn! That bullet was meant for me, but somehow Paul saw her early enough and jumped in front of the bullet. I was astonished. Even Eddie haven’t taken a bullet for me, I was still shocked; I wasn’t even bothered by the Bruno Mars who took a bullet for me. My mind was wondering “what if”, what if that bullet really hit me, coming from a trigger squeezed by a so called friend? Nah! I had to leave, it was obvious that my life’s in jeopardy here, Chioma was strongly held by Paul’s friends as Paul who was already unconscious was being rushed to the hospital, I know he’ll live he was shot just above his heart, so I didn’t bother much I just went into the room and swiftly packed my belonging and left the damn Hotel, like Eddie always say, No Time For Love Songs.


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