The HeartLess

The heartless
by Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi

Love rapes the heart
It forces itself on it
The heart beats happily till cupid strikes with a poisoned dart
Dizziness of the mind enrolls
Even a genius in love thinks slow
It rips worlds apart
Friendships stands no chance
Like shadows in the dark
It rips worlds apart
Love is selfish
And make enemies
Not minding blood or family
Especially if its the first ish
No remedy
Sweet memories
The heart cares too much
No matter how hard you hide it
It cares too much
Poems, movies and love songs
The picture it paints love
The image its staged on
Love do cost a thing
It costs heartbreak
Its reality fades
In weary days
Like the blind on shades
Its reality fails
Love is not blind
Its vision is vivid
It sees cash and red wine
It flows like liquid
Towards huge feasts and wild dines
I'm not surprised
Even the "till death do us part" of a matrimonial vow
Is a short supply
Death is sults that make men wow
Death is the broad shoulders and the abs on male models and 'lil bow wow'
Thus divorces in death's bow
Love has a lifeline
Not as much as a cat
Heart not made of iron cast
It breaks
It heals
To heal it sees as much as a fired clay
It hardens
Beyond the texture of a fired clay
Then the attitude change
Birth of new personalities tried
Even on a wet day, it feels dry
Less care
Less feelings even if it tries
More sluts and players in bunch
No emotions in a romantic lunch
Only a miracle of an angel's touch
Can reverse the heartless hunch
Because the heartless once cared too much