The Black Man

The Black Man 
By Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi 

Yes! I'm a black man 
Does that make me ill? 
Infected with contagious 
Peculiar to the dark skinned? 
If so, let it be tagged, bottled and stored 
Because I want to get this sick again when I'm healed.

Since I'm a black man 
Do I need an upgrade when I'm looked down upon? 
Should I build up my inferiority complex? 
I rather stay strong 
That's my nature 
Meek and Smart 
Not condescending, I'm learning 
With a generous heart but I'm hateful 
With my bare hands, I feed myself 
My family; we feed the whole world. 

What if I'm a black man? 
With strange habits 
My taste buds senses different 
Am I fierce because of my looks? 
I feel fear and shed tears 
Yet I sleep in the jungle comfortably 
I face lies and harsh truth, joy and soft pain 
I see sunshine in a stormy rain. 

I still remain a black man 
Introduced to a strange religion 
They called me a sinner 
Am I qualified to pray? 
Or would you pray for me? 
I pray too, do the gods listen? 
Does your gods choose? 
I'm midnight black, chestnut brown, honey bronzed and chocolate covered 
Cocoa dipped, big lipped, broad chested and beautiful 
Is your gods colour sensitive? 

So far I'm a black man 
Are you worried we share same nature? 
We breath the same air 
We bleed the same blood 
I make love and feel loved 
I make kids and breed offspring 
I am powerfully respected 
Does that bother you? 

Really! I am a black man 
I've got rights! Surprised? 
I'm human, yes! I've got rights 
I put my foot down and fight for them 
I've marched barefooted in th jungle for them 
I cannot be deprived, I earned it. 

Can't you see I'm a black man? 
Proud as a jungle peacock 
Sweeter than the blackest berries 
At times, sweeter than you 
Despite your hate, it feels good to be me 
Love me or hate me, you can't do without me 
I've been designed to be happy 
I come from nature's field 
I am a black man.