You know... As a kid, during my sunday school, actually "search the scriptures" as we call it in Deeper Life Bible Church, when I was being taught about the crusifiction and death of Jesus Christ. How he was killed for nothing, I always had a little doubt, like there's more to that story than the Bible carried. I mean how can everybody in the town want an innocent man dead. Not just innocent, a man that improved the standard of their lives and performed free miracles. But within the past few days, the activities and rumours in enugu have cleared that little doubt I had about the Jews (his own people) wanting Jesus dead. I mean the fuck did Sullivan Chime did to y'all that y'all want him dead?? I mean a nigga got a lil flaw (which we believe from rumours anyway), but hell! This nigga improved the standard of our lives! Now see broke ass enugu guys swagging like they all that cuz of the good things Sullivan did for us... Now we keep rumouring he's dead, and its not even the 1st. I still wanna know what he did wrong for us to keep wishing him death. ESBS haven't said none! NTA haven't said none! AIT haven't said none! BBC haven't said none! Hell! Sun newspaper (known for fake news) haven't even said shit! And we here talking all that bull... What the fuck did Sullivan Chime do to wrong Enugu people?? Hey! If y'all want him dead that much, load up your guns, go to the government house and end up on "ogene" newspaper! Unu hapu nwoke mmadu ka ozue ike bikonu! Nawa o!