Relationships and Men

1. The Faithful Man – As the name suggest, the Faithful Man resists all temptations to cheat. This type of man has rarely, if ever, cheated on any girl. Remaining faithful is a natural part of his character. He may be morally sound, stubborn, or simply a man of his word; but whatever his justification, this man finds it easier to remain faithful than to cheat. This is not to suggest he is is perfect. In fact, he might entertain the idea of stepping outside of his relationship like most normal people; however, he never lets these mental lapses or weaknesses of character manifest themselves in reality. For him, honoring the commitment of his relationship is what’s most important.

2. The Selective Cheater – The Selective Cheater is faithful, for the most part. His past is usually checkered with opportunities to cheat – some of which he chose to entertain, others he passed up. There is usually no rhyme or reason for why the Selective Cheater strays, but it’s usually coupled with the fact that he can get away with it and other women likely provide something the current woman in his life doesn’t – whether it’s love, sex, companionship or some other arbitrary void his current love interest isn’t completely satisfying. The Selective Cheater is generally passive in his cheating habit, usually preferring to choose whether to cheat as the various opportunities naturally arise rather than aggressively pursuing other women outside of his relationship. Because cheating doesn’t define him or his happiness, there are usually long stretches where he’s completely faithful.

3. The Compulsive Cheater – Unlike the Selective Cheater, the Compulsive Cheater often feels like he can’t control himself. As such, he is usually careless in his actions and cheats with a large number of women regardless of the impact it might have on his current relationship. It’s not that he doesn’t care about the woman (or women) in his life – although it’s possible he does not – but he is more likely drawn to cheating as most others are drawn to any number of destructive habits. In his case, cheating is like a drug. The highs, lows, peaks, and valleys of cheating, sneaking around, and getting caught or almost getting caught sustain him. He can break his addiction, usually temporarily, but it isn’t easy. In order to change, he has to want to do so himself; otherwise, as with most addictions, he frequently relapses.