Reckless In Love

Its not the 1st of october or christmas eve 
Its not the cold that comes with the 1st hamattan breeze 
No! My pastor didn't preach about adam and eve 
No caution to naughtiness up my sleeves 
Its not Halloween 
Its not even easter 
I wouldn't sweat it if I carry the cross for Akunna 
Like blacker the berry, I couldn't find a juice sweeter 
Since its not dengue, love most be the fever 
Its not the Caribbean 

She's at a port -- a treasure island 
Away from my city Enugu -- a high land 
Hearts connect like tied with a hand band 
Its not her birthday 
Not February the 18th day 
Its 28 october, yey! 
Two months of love and friendship, a sunday 
She's been to me a life saver; my strong Shield 
Her kiss of goodluck leaves me with abundant Yields 
The reason a cold gangster feel Love 
Late night calls; lullaby with her sweet Voice 
Bad days swing by; she I'm joyous Insurance 
Now I sing hymns like blessed Assurance 
I bet you didn't see the last words of the last six sentences spelled your name 
Boo boo Its not a game 
Remember how I told you I love you the first time? I still love you the same 
Its no occasion, but even if I'm dying, I'll Love you in pains