My Uyo Experience

Bumpy roads 
Funny languages 
Neat streets 
Composed citizens 
Friendly smiles 
Sexy Belles 
Gyrating generators 
Planned City 
Scarcity of dogs 
Windy greenish trees 
Beggars with gold watch and bare foot 
Ugly dudes with fat lips 

Out-dated cars 

Canvas on painted streets 
Roads under construction 
Buy now pay later 
Grey dust 
Red Chicken meat 
Bicycles? Yeah! Lots of Bicycles! 
Strange meals with sweet taste 
Pregnant nuns in crazed outfits 
Charcoal stoves 
Mini vans and cheap cinema 
Twin campus of one school 
Skinny girls 
Pot belly lecturers 
Mercedes benz 
Clean oxygen 
No sweats just smiles 
Few side walks 
Sexy fly-over 
Nah! No sky scrapers 
Flowered town 
Spoken English 
Weird accent 
Calm weather with mean faces 
Yellow tricycles 
No buses 
No government convoys 
Game of thrones 
Half naked labour workers 
Happy youth corpers 
A stranger in Akwa Ibom 
My Uyo experience

-The Vyrus