My Sylvia 2

I've been thinking; thinking bout a sweetheart 
I've been drinking trying to have good time 
Like cupid hit me with a sweet dart 
Because living without my sweetheart is suicide 

She's my Devil, she's my Angel 
She's my Heaven, she's my Hell 
She's my Now, she's my Forever 
She's my Freedom, she's my Jail 
She's my Lies, she's my Truth 
She's my War, she's my Truce 
She's my Questions, she's my Proof 
She's my Stress and my Masseuse 

I've been tempted, tried and troubled 
I've seen my happiness stretched and doubled 
Stole my heart and I can't sue her 
She's at my service but I can't misuse her 

She's my strength, she's my weakness 
She's my debt, she's my business 
She's my Good, she's my evil 
She's my owl, she's my eagle 
She's my sickness, she's my health 
She's my Ex, she's my Next 
She's my pet, she's my bully 
She's my bad and my goody 

When I should take my time alone 
Take it easy, take it slow 
When I chose to keep my old heart free 
Then I picture her smiling at me 

She's my maths, she's my english 
She's smart, she my foolish 
She's my science, she my art 
She's my skinny, she's my fat 
She's water, she my cider 
She's my soft and my peter 
She's my gold, she's my silver 
She's my groom and my SYLVIA