My Graduation

Loneliness is a strange sickness that face my path 
I make do with a strangers heart 
I'll miss those strangers I meet at school 
That hail my name as if we're cool 
The lecture halls and crazy class 
Different caliber; gold and brass 
The ugly girls with the smart brains 
And beautiful girls with dumb brains 
I'll miss the Smart students from whom I copy 
And living lecturers that need autopsy 
I'll miss my hommies 
Hommies that at times act like dummies 
I'll miss smart, that dude is funny 
And his 1st Esut girlfriend that's sometimes cocky 
I'll miss popoyi my course rep 
A dude with a heart braver than johnny depp's 
Nneka too, his crazy assistant 
Even at bad times she's resilient 
The nsukka political groups 
And their loyal troops 
You hardly win those bastards except you hire goons 
I'll miss those church goers 
And christian post holders 
Rolli, Esther, o.z, Fredrick; may your cups run over 
I'll miss t-boy, kene, martin, victor 
Niggaz who conquered females naked indoor 
I'll miss smart the crazy fool 
Ideji ogwugwu; brains with no fool proof 
Emma the trouble maker 
Mma and Desmond the virgin breakers 
I'll miss Toke, Jaja, Chike and T.I we'll keep in touch 
Bugzy, Snoop, teerex, wulox, those we left to hold up the torch 
My whole stay in ESUT I dated just two ESUT girls 
Well they're now all about high heels, fat handbags and brazillian hair 
I'll miss my parties of which I'll throw no more 
And the night clubs of which I'll go no more 
I'll miss those cultists I know their names 
Those who intimidated me before I played my game 
I'll miss my Rugged brothers and my Vikings brothers 
Apart from these there are no other 
I'll miss the bullet strife and cult fights 
Also the annoying long strikes 
Yes! I miss Oma; my year one tutorial tutor 
Damn! Those times we felt like high school juniors 
I miss my classmates that didn't get physics or chemistry 
Those later sent to agbani to study courses with no chemistry 
I miss those janded friends that left before our final year 
Y'all don't know how much we miss y'all here 
I'll miss mechanical, agric, civil, chemical, material and metallurgical, electrical and electronic then computer engineering 
Mass communication and those that made our stay less boring 
I'll miss our young millionaires that you can never see lagging 
Shout out to those broke asses that are always bragging 
I'll miss all those girls iv always crushed on and couldn't ask out 
And em girls in my class that lend their lips for me to make out 
I'll miss our IMT neighbors their girls are always comedy 
And their boys? Well...those are poverty 
I'll miss the useless wednesdays and fridays 
Also fiddlers on corporate Mondays and Kegites on gyration Thursdays 
I'll miss those engineering guys and girls good fashion can never be part of 
And the football times and wonderful kick-offs 
That weird EE professor that is always tattered 
And our class rooms that before accreditations looked scattered 
I miss my buddies that never come for lectures 
Staying all day at canteens then blame it on peer pressure 
I'll miss those tough men that headed Buccaneers, Vikings 2.2 and Black axe from enugu campus 
Shit's tougher than burning night candles 
I'll miss Awele, Dana and those chess gurus that rep my school 
I would've gone for swimming but ESUT had no training pool 
I'll miss miss those huge school fees 
Which if you didn't pay you'll never be at peace 
I'll miss those random handshakes 
Those you give those enemies who hate your name 
I miss the black and black on burial days 
When some dies the whole class have to pay 
I'll miss the happiness on people faces when I walk in 
I don't know why its so but people smile even when I'm not talking 
I'll miss bayelsa, mac doris and gbugbu's plaza 
I'll miss year one students on skinny trousers 
I'll miss the characters in my class 
The atheist, hackers and ugwu onye ama 
I'll miss a lot of things both good and bad 
Didn't think this goodbye was gonna be this hard 
I'll miss the supremacy that name 'Vyrus' always had 
Yeah! Fuck it! For once lemme brag!
-The Vyrus Udensi