For while now my poetry went mute 
Its been long I wrote a piece 
I'm falling with a broken parachute 
I've lost my inner peace 
Exterior exhibition of happiness 
The real deal is very much far away 
Hunted by my past 
Scared of the future 
Tired of my present 
Living with limited options 
I walk like I'm bubbling 
Its actually rub and shine 
This young heart is troubled 
I smile like I'm fine 
Got multiple lovers 
That never call at night 
Love is red and tinted 
I paint that colour bright 

I'm quitting drugs and liquor 
No solution in a bottle of rum 
There's a God in heaven? 
Religion feels to wrong 
They say love's the answer 
But mine will never work 
Just a couple of gossips 
Then watch the female walk 
They say don't act in anger 
So I only talk the talk 
I cannot paint this picture 
There's water in my chalk 
I feel it in my air 
I'm sitting in its chair 
I'm living in despair 
My world's crumbling on me 
Yet you cannot hear my call 

I shed tears for a minute 
Wipe the blood out 
Changing gears in infiniti 
That's my dream car 
Pastor says don't take life too serious 
You can't get out alive 
My teacher says you are too unserious 
You won't make in life 
I wonder who I'm here to follow 
So I make my own path 
Now it feels like I'm being haunted 
By my own path 
Karma this karma that 
What riches feel like? 
and I was born with no spoon 
What silver feel like? 
People make money from evil 
And live a good life 

Getting buried in a golden coffin 
Is that what karma feels like? 
If so... I want some 
Fuck the upright 
They die of cancer 
I want to bullet proof my loved ones 
But it'l cost a fortune 
I want to throw away these guns 
And make their dreams come true 
Well you if wishes were horses 
You know the rest 
I sleep with my eyes open 
During my night rest 
Cold world no blanket 
Trying to be strong and be focus 
But hell! Who am I deceiving? 
Yea hell! 
Smoking this blunt cuz we closer to hell! 

I'm certain that I bleed 
Friends and family are gone 
I'm lonely in the morning 
Can I make it through the day? 
I'm celibate at night 
Even on the very lovers day 
Pac said there's light at the end of the tunnel 
Hell! Mine must be a long one 
Somebody fed me lies and promised me a bright tomorrow 
Or did I get it wrong? 
The Vyrus was a happy meal 
Now pain over took us 
I'm falling world apart 
Can't nobody save us? 
Its dark in this airport 
Black planes for export 
I'm not scared of the sadness it imports 
In loneliness I realized death's my comfort 
_The Vyrus Udensi Nnagoziem

(In Loving Memory of Chinua Achebe)