Modern true love 3

Modern true love 3
-By Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi
continued from part 2:

IniObong after bolting the door grabbed Emi by the neck smacking her with the other hand. Williams quickly rushed to stop Iniobong but was pushed out of the way. Iniobong was huge enough to grab Emi and skinny Williams by the neck comfortably. Williams being pushed out of the way now gave Iniobong a good chance to really smack Emi good. “So it’s my husband you are calling Maga” Iniobong yelled while the caught up Emi who was a talkative continued ranting "Lemme oh! wetin be yoor own?” “…Williams who be this woman naa”? Williams got up the second time and tried stopping the fight again.
This time Iniobong had unleashed her anger enough on Emi, tired and panting. She nevertheless still held Emi on her left arm. “I need some explanation” Iniobong ordered starring at Williams in a threatening manner. Emi was wearing a vicious frown, yet confused starring at Williams for an approval to speak. Cornered by the vicious stares from two rival women; one nude to his account and the other a hommie’s sister; all Williams could utter was “calm down”. Iniobong gave a deaf ear to the suggestion “I’ll tear her apart if you don’t start talking; don’t think I’m that absorbed to you Williams, we just met yesterday. Im a typical calabar woman and I don’t play with my man”. Somehow that statement gave Emi some nerves “calabar woman…So? Make I begin fear you? No be you dey here dey fuck small boy? Which man you dey even talk about?” Iniobong rudely interrupted Emi’s loud mouth with a hot slap. Emi’s nerves were pushed to the wall by that last action and she replied Iniobong with a mild blow to the neck and landed another heavier blow on her left eye. Iniobong almost blacked out, staggering backwards and of cause letting Emi loose to rob her eyes, Emi still slapped her severally with both hands before willams grabbed her “Enough!” he yelled ”not in this house! You won’t try that here” Damn! “My eye” Iniobong complained “Are you okay?” Williams inquired still grabbing Emi by the waist. Unable to speak futher, Iniobong gave an affirmative nod. To cut the tension in the room, Williams pulled Emi into the bathroom and explained the whole situation to her. Emi after hearing Williams out became docile approaching Iniobong from the bathroom. Iniobong already fully dressed with a black eye and a straight face, listened to Emi who tried narrating how Chijoke (Iniobnong  husband) came up to her in a super market months back to ask her out.
                After narrating the whole relationship with Inobong’s husband, Emi still apologized and offered to give Iniobong the money she collected from her husband. Shocked but still macho, Iniobong refused the offer and surprisingly asked Emi to continue with her husband since she now has Williams. “Noo! You don’t have me o!” Williams announced sounding scared “I don’t want your husband sending goons on me… I mean see how you reacted when you found out about Emi and your husband and you are even a woman; how then will an angry husband now react?” “I will be dead” Williams concluded. “Don’t sorry will…” Iniobong sounded in a now relaxed tone “…He will never find out. you are my true love now” Williams still not buying the whole idea “I wonder how this love thing works”.
                Iniobong ready to leave kissed William goodbye and left with the black eye Emi inflicted on her. As soon as Iniobong stepped outside the building, she called her friends who’ve been waiting for her call since last night; they were already at their usual rendezvous point waiting for Iniobong’s most anticipated arrival and a truck load of gist, since she went AWOL on them last night. Their rendezvous point is a restaurant they usually have breakfast before heading off for marketing every day, they always have a particular fancy private spot saved for them each time for their convenient marketing plan drafting and casual gossips. Onyinye and Rashidat sitting in their comfort zone were discussing “onyii eh…that small boy we saw at the Club last night, I can’t get him off my head oh! We have to find him please”. “Yeah You, Not we, You can, you are single alright, but what I don’t understand is  how a Muslim girl gets to commit fornication” onyinye laughed  hysterically with Rashidat looking around to see if somebody heard her “ yes I can o!” Rashidat added “I’m not even sure if I’m Muslim anymore, I haven’t been to the mosque in ages” still laughing “if it was back in my state, I might have had a full cup by now!!... But coming to think of it, you! You are married, you have boyfriend. You are strong oh”. “Yes naa” Onyinye answerd “when my business tycoon husband is always out there travelling ... and when even he is in town, He’s always with those his scary occult friends” “you and this occult thing, how are you sure” Rashidat asked Onyinye. Onyinye couldn’t answer, but she was sure her husband was a member of an occult. She’s been to the burial of one of her husband’s friends and was shocked at what she beheld. Still not wanting to go into details, she derailed from the subject “my sugar boy is coming to see me today o!, It’s from here to the hotel till tomorrow evening”.
                Just then, Iniobong walked in with Philip (Onyinye’s boyfriend), Onyinye got up in mad excitement and hugged Philip (a young boy of about 22 years fair and very handsome) “how did you find him for me?” Onyinye asked still clutching Philip like a huge bag to her breast. “I saw him waiting for a taxi at a bus & stop, so I picked him up, Now can we sit? I have a gist for you”. Through the breakfast, Iniobong narrated her whole ordeal from last night to this morning to her friends. It somehow sounded funny to Rashidat , but Onyinye took it quite serious, suggesting Emi should be dealt with thoroughly. It was quite the idea Iniobong had in mind, so it rather turned to a long funny argument especially for Philip who sat down smiling and acting like he was busy with his phone when actually it was the argument that was amusing him. After the whole gossips, tales and unresolved argument, the girls decided to adjourn the argument and disperse to go get some rest for the day. Rashidat as initially, planned went off to find Eddie, Iniobong went home to her cheating husband who most have probably left home before she got home and Onyinye went to cheat on her husband with her boyfriend Philip. While driving to the hotel with onyinye, Philip was on the steering wheels, driving Onyinye’s dark tinted glass highlander SUV (a gift from her husband). Onyinye who was extremely horny was lost giving Philip head as he drove to the hotel staining Philip’s while trouser with her red colored lip gloss. Absorbed into the carnal pleasure Philip lost his driving sense and almost bashed into a parked police patrol van. Philip still didn’t notice his stupidity and continued his reckless driving, still swaying unconsciously in and out of his lane like Texas rappers switch lanes in music videos.  Within minutes he was double crossed to a halt and asked to come out of the car. Being the son of a prominent barrister in town, Philip jumped down of the SUV arrogantly and called his dad who over the phone cleared them up. But there was a little unseen problem; among the police men who stopped Onyinye and Philip, one of them was a cousin to Onyinye’s husband. And he is actually that kind of relatives that believe the wife to their brother stole their rich brother away from them to use his money to train and support her own family and squander the rest; believing they are still poor because their brother got married to a woman who took his attention away from his own blood. That was the kind of cousin the policemen was. Immediately he stopped Onyinye and saw the lip gloss on Philip’s trouser-Philip also a small boy driving the expensive car his brother bought his wife instead of them; he started making a phone call and asked his colleagues to let Philip and Onyinye go. Onyinye who still couldn’t figure where she knew the dude from was happy she got off easy; not knowing all hell was about letting close on her.
                                                                …To be Continued