Modern True Love 2

Modern true Love 2
By Nnagoziem TheVyrus Udensi

Continued from part one:

Iniobong still mad walked faster towards her gate in panties and shirt not minding the bruises the sharp stones on the ground caused her bare feet, about opening the gate, Williams quickly rushed and grabbed her by her waist from behind and pulled her back to her car ’’you dont wanna do this’’ he advised, “leave me” she screamed in a loud voice that her husband chijioke heard her voice from inside the compound ’’that sounds like my wife’’ chijioke told this girlfriend Emi. “it can’t be, remember she’s at her friend’s for days Now’’ she pulled chijioke who was about going to check back ’’it’s late and dangerous out there, it might be criminals, let’s go in and have fun’’ – Meanwhile outside the gate, williams firmly placed his palm on Ini’s mouth concealing her raging voice while he dragged her back to the car trying his possible best to calm his one night stand down. Chijioke’s sprit wasn’t still at rest until he stubbornly came out it see what was actually going on outside his compound gate, but before he got to the gate, williams had succeeded in putting Ini in her car and drove off. Chijioke just saw a car driving off and since it was dark and the car wasnt close enough, he couldn’t determine who’s car it was so he just assumed it was strangers or neighbours and went back into the house to have fun as planed with Emi. Speeding back to the club, Williams was busy trying to calm Iniobong down but it wasn’t working. Iniobong was so furious still in her panties sitting in the front seat of the fully air conditioned volks wagen bora. “I cont beehive this dude’’ she Lamented ’’After all we’ve been through?’’ “I dont see why you are this furious…” Williams interrupted “…you obviously play the same game”. “That’s the annoying thing…” she replied “…this was my first time, and it was so frustrating that I can’t react now cause of this one night stand” ini obong continued in a depressed tone. She felt stupid, it was obviously not the first time her husband, Chijioke was seeing that girl, and wasn’t the second time either. They were so familiar with each other.
Williams reached the club, his friends Eddie and girlfriend Folake were already gone, IniObong’s friends too. IniObong was still so depressed; she couldn’t even come down from the car. After Williams confirmed his and IniObong friends were gone, he came back to the car to find Iniobong already asleep. Confused because he couldn’t stand waking the poor depressed lady up, so he just drove to his house. Williams lives alone in a self contained apartment in one of the remote areas in the town. Within few minutes he was home, he helped iniobong into the house; she managed to get up staggered into the room fell on the bed and continued sleeping.
The next morning, Iniobong has already woken up to freshen up and get back home, since it was a self contained apartment so the bathroom was inside the room. IniObong was in the bathroom taking her bath, while Williams was still in bed on his usual early morning lazy sleep when Eddie’s sister barged in uninvited, Williams was shocked as he pulled up from his bed ”oooh Emi I’ve told you to stop coming to my house without calling and you need to learn how to knock “Abegi…” Emi broke in “…the kind money way I carry here, I no fit go house with am. Eddie go kill me one hand” “what are u saying” Williams asked. “e get one mumu man wey me and am de run package since, this man no gree pay huge, just last night de maga pay” Emi explained. Williams was confused, Emi never told him about anybody, well that was because Eddie and Williams never supported Emi’s wild life with married men. Don’t tell me you are still on this married men stuffs, you know Eddie don’t dig that! what’s wrong with you?” “I no come here for sermons oh…” Emi broke in again “…na action matter I dey now” she poured out bundles of 500 naira notes nicely wrapped in stacks on Williams bed. On the sight Williams froze, it was up to a hundred thousand naira. Williams Asked Emi how the money came about, totally forgetting he had a visitor in the bathroom. Emi being a loose talkative gave Williams the whole details of who gave her the money and why. It was until she narrated the whole story on how the man also took her home last night to the family house that Williams realized Emi was the girl IniObong’s husband was with last night. Just at the hearing of that, Williams remembered iniobong was in the bathroom probably listening to Emi narrate how she use sex to extort money from the sex starved Chijioke (Ini Obong’s husband) according to Emi’s narration. Williams quickly covered the cash spread on the bed with a blanket and tried pushing Emi out of the house, “Emi, trust me you gotta leave now and I mean now” “No way…” she exclaimed “…wetin go come happen to my money?“ “we will figure something out” Williams was still trying to push Emi out when IniObong came of the bathroom stack naked with soap furs all over her and wiped her face with towel revealing her angry face “she’s not going anywhere” Iniobong echoed. Emi was shocked out of her mind “Williams who be this woman way de commot from your bathroom naked like this as if she wan kill person, wetin dey happen?” William was stuck in the moment watching IniObong who slowly walked across the room and gently bolted the door in fierce anger showing all over her face.
…to be continued