By The Vyrus Udensi 

Its been ages of priceless loyalty 
Friendship on plain level, citizens of royalty 
No fixed price on pride 
But good friends is a heavenly prize 

Pollinated to hustle globally 
No matter how far; we keep in touch totally 
No lies or false rides 
Real love alone gives the heart enough drive 

Looking at these buddies like family 
Some of them put my life in jeopardy 
But without them my well might run dry 
Can't live without them, don't even want to try 

A little extreme to breath free 
Hanging snakes on christmas trees 
want to go to heaven? They'll take you there 
Want to go to hell? They'll show you there 

Honey honey they still sting like bees 
In vain chase of fun we at times burnt our school fees 
Such love in distress is rare 
Friends don't leave you in the cold bare