Met you not too long ago but I knew you well enough, we called you Teddy, Obe, T-Pain, Ikenna, just wish I could get a ping from you calling me "Oga'm" & encourage me to keep doing good music, so you'll jump around in the video, Teddy, indeed you was a happy honest man, you brought joy to people, you were a matchmaker, you were chubby with goodness, too sad you dint wait for us to gist and laugh or say Goodbye, now we all hooked up yesterday in front of your house, Chike stepped out the car crying, Kpuboy's face wasn't as fun, B.Wizzle had the blow not to talk about your Sisters & your brother, Mama & Dad & everybody there wasn't feeling good, we were ready to go fighting if it would bring you back bro. So you won't sing the next song I'll drop, you won't be there to say "That's my Boy" 
I can never find another you, you left all of us that know you, dint know you were that popular and yet so humble and cool, now our hearts is heavy. 
So I can't see or holla my n*gga Uncle Teddy, your dance style, who's gonna take care of your naughty sister? Who's gonna make boys Gather in front of Mike Torey, even those who never used your pic as their dp now using it saying "RIP" instead of "HBD" 
I wish I could talk to you, be with you somehow, I know your in a better place, smiling down on us. 
We Love you! 
You Live in our Hearts. 
-Bugzy Divinci 

Ma Teddy,ohh I miss you so much...a legend,a friend,brother I will neva forget»yu made us smile,laugh all d tym n nw thr is no one else 2 do dah 4 one can eva replace yu mehn...d lst tym I spoke with him was on monday not knowing dahz gon be d lst...cha! >vewi jovial n pure hearted boy....I LOVE YOU BRO n don't yu eva forget dah...n ur smiles...NEVER!!>Godspeed bro till we meet again 
-Richie Bow 

Teddy Never feared for anything 
Never shamed but never free 
A laugh that healed the broken heart 
Lived the life so endlessly 
Saw beyond what others see 
Teddy Will you stay? 
Or Will you stay away forever? 
How do I live without the ones I love? 
I have so much to say but you're so far away 
It seemed we were so invincible 
The truth is so cold 
A final song, a last request 
A perfect chapter laid to rest 
Now and then I try to find 
A place in my mind 
Where you can stay 
You can stay away forever 
Teddy, Sleep tight. I'm not afraid 
The ones that we love are here with me 
Lay away a place for me 
'Cause as soon as I'm done I'll be on my way 
To live eternally 
I love you, you were ready 
The pain is strong and urges rise 
But I'll see you, when He lets me 
Your pain is gone, your hands untied 
-Chuka "Dealer" Anekwe 

We make the dead proud by righting our wrongs, taking positives from their lives, IKENNA EZE was a friend to all, we all have different stories of him all good....surprising??? Not at all. 
His first impression is one of hospitality and being lively. He lived a life we ought to emulate...drop the hate, forgive your enemies. 
Till we meet again brother........RIP TEDDY!! 

Sad news on a Joyful day 
Can't believe you've paused and can't play 
You should see your crib yesterday 
Real niggaz from your hood on display 
While the sun shines they say make hay 
The plan was to watch ours beards turn gray 
Goodbye my brother, what a sad way to go 
Most of us loved you but never said so 
Most of us living fast but you really took it slow 
Now you can't even listen to the radio 
Let's spend sometime together, nigga don't go 
I promise we will miss you bro 
They say don't join no cult it will get you killed 
Say don't drink too much, it'll make you sick 
Don't smoke no blunt cause your heart my itch 
Don't sex anyhow cause AIDS kills 
You avoided all these things but didn't live 
Will miss you my nigga, you really skilled 
Met you first at shango's crib 
Then we rocked same booty at a party, was it richie's? 
Now its 'Teddy's smoke' Bugzy's still blowing weed 
And Kpuboi is jonsing in grief 
Do you realize that if you breath now you'll live? 
Goodbye my nigga, there's a heaven for a G 

Teddy d 1st time i eva knew u was d 1st time i came to ur crib,u treated me like a bro,like we came out 4rm d same womb.I rememba 1 dance step u use in making me laff weneva I'm sad(my elda bros dance steps).Just lukin @ d stainless plate u loved using to soak garri in ma crib b4 we start playing ball.Teddy we dy always dy d same set if we dy play ball for my compound.U dy always hustle 4 golden boot,wich u dy always win.D last tym we saw,hommie we were planning on d next time we gon play ball b4 i go go nysc.Teddy ur death left an arrow in my heart,it left an arrow in d heart of every1 dat knws u nd even those that just heard of u but hav neva seen u.May ur soul rest in d bossom of d lord my dear brother.See u in heaven bro.we all knw we gon meet u up dere:'( .We Love U Teddy,We Love U. 
-Chike Lawrenzo 

As I was driving this morning,that's when I realized that I wasn't going to see you again. Through out I had told myself that you traveled without telling any one where you were going to. Even as I'm typing this tribute,I still can't handle that you're gone but I'm keeping my cool because I know I'll be seeing you again some day. Even if I'm in hell and you're in heaven,you go stroll come boundary make we relate. I miss you bro. R.I.P dawg!!! 

On March 22nd 2013, we shared a cell, the ex-convicts we called ourselves, kpuboi,rebel chuck, amazing Kelvin,Greg,Teddy Pain nd I. And now one of the 6 is fallen. How cruel can this world be, we were supposed to drink to celebrate our experience, get matching tattoos as ex cons, bt it wud never be the same. 
Teddy. Always full of life, to mention d least, gave us the courage to spend d night in a very uncomfortable place, he said 'omo me I wan crash jor' jst as we were telling ourselves we wnt sleep In that filth of a police station, and as soon as we saw him lay, we braced the night. 
Its obvious he was a great man even at such a tender age, people with different stories of u, and none of them bad. His life was a life worthy of emulation. A life not fully spent bt well spent 
RIP bro.. We love u nd u'd always be in our hearts 

One of my close cousins he was...very dear 2me. A jovial and loving young boy! The last time we talked, tuesday morning...he told me dat he was fine and I was happy...the night b4 he passed on, he cracked jokes about his cute nurses and how he wanted 2 go back 4 them...little did we know! 
I can't say do not feel sad, thats how we know we are still human! 
And as humans, we all have a debt 2 pay.... He is free bcos he has paid his. We are still owing, 2 pay it one day. 
Cherish the memories U had wit him. 
Wipe Ur tears and smile, cus U knw it was a privilege 2 av known him. 
Feel safe knowing he's up there with GOD as his soul rests in peace! I LOVE YOU IKENNA 
-Gucci Ozems 

TEDDY! You remember when I had my allergies...yh? We drove to Rony's house together with chyna... The way you laffed at me that day, the way you cocked that imaginary gun... Will never forget the evenings in front of chyna's house! Will never forget your smiley face, your funny jokes! Damn! I will miss you mehn! You know I will! All the years I knew that guy... I never saw him sad or angry... Now how can a person like that leave so early... Mike Torey avenue can never be the same. RIP TEDDY... 3 
-Zelman Clock 

I only known teddy in CTF bt neva get the chance to meet him. bt wat I do knw abot him is his pretty boy's face, his smiles, He is a cool dude,he is young, I feel pain becos I will never get a chance to knw him better, the world jst lost a fine boy, a broda, a soldier. We miss u teddy... 
-Emeka Pancamo 

Its in ur death dat I truly understood the phrase shit happens,you were full of life a happy n funny dude you cld even crack lucifer himself up...d news of ur departure rily put me in shock cuz it was just on monday u pinged me n I told you I was ill n u said sorry brv that u were just discharged frm d hospital that same day that we were goin to hook up once you settled..I neva knew this was the settling dwn you meant brv....I love you brv but God loves you more...RIP IKENNA...there's a heaven for a GEE you wld always live on in our hearts 
-Aziude Swit Ibo Boy Nnamdi 

We will definately miss u so much ikenna.u were nice to erryone,no one here cld swear u fucked him or her up,whereva u re is always fun u try to make a joke out of errythn.I'll always rememba ur swt memories I luv nd wld miss u teddy. 
-Mirabel Chidimma 

When I heard u were gone, I laffed abt it, I tout Good People had stopped dying 
I always knew u as my chubby partner, u always smiled, in every thing. 
And now d shit is real. And hommies are wailing, I was to scared to be at d crib last nyte, I have neva cried since I became a man, I didn't want to, I don't wana believe, I pray bro, u return. 
Cos evri1 misses u.. 
Kanye does. I really do.. 
-Marvin Kanye 

Goodbye Teddy!!! 
In another world, in another life we will meet again and hopefully this time you'll stay longer 
Stay safe dear and rest in the bossom of our Lord..... Please watch over us. 
Miss you. 
R.I.P "Teddy" 
-Adrianne Obi 

In life dere is a lil 2 enjoy nd so much 2 endure...d 1st tym I met u teddy I was wit bugzy nd Ti in front of ya crib...u were really a nice person..always happy..nd fun 2 be wit...we were nt close buh u always holla @ ur boy weneva u see me goin 2 aboki's shop 2 get sum good shits..buh nw u r gone...I knw u dere smilin down,memories abt u is goin'n giv us strenght 2 proceed bro..RIP teddy Ikenna Eze.. 
-Omeje Chinagolum 

I'm short of words. Someone shuld just awake me up and tell me this whole thing is just a bad dream. I still can't believe this. When my bro Gerald came back and about U̶̲̥̅̊я demise around 6:35pm on the 17th day of April (d day u died),I was dumbfound (though I thought he was joking). I asked him to stop dat expensive joke and he was like "if u tink dat I'm lying,den u can drive down to his haus". I can't forget dat evening dat we all were few house away from ur haus wif Osita "olodo" Nwangwu and some other dudes discussin about cars and comparing prices. I still remember d funny comment u made we Olodo was tryna compare Toyota Spider n Honda EOD. Its a pity dat we all lost u to d cold hands of death. 17th April has now turn a very bad day for me cos it was on dis very 17th April 1996 dat I lost my Grandfather. Mr Teddy,we love yuh but d God loves u more. I Hope n pray d good Lord dat we all serve will give us all and ur family esp d fortitude to bear ur loss..... 
-Franco Fisho (Fisho Lala) 

* A True Son iz Gone (Teddy). . :'( I cry lyk a Child:'(:'( :'( cuz of d painful exit of d mst realest son on Earth,Ikenna a.k.a Teddy, A son d@ wuz born wit a perm. smile on his face no mata d condition:) ,he was always happy. Teddy why mst u go too soon,witout tellin me,we all stayed outsyd ya gate all day 2dai wetin 4 d joke 2 end cuz we thought it was part of ya Jonzing buh u were no where 2 b found,we called ya line,was switched off,ya bbm ping doesn't deliver anymre:'(:'( :'( . Remember ya last words u said 2dai ''IT IS WELL'....,we all believed d@,buh 2dai iz almst gone,where re u Teddy:'(,Even as u knew u where gonna leave, u stll hangd out wit boiz b4 dey came n carried u away 4rm us:'( . Can't u see d amount of pple w8in outsyd ya gate,Teddy u were 2 gud 2 go:'( :'( ...U put smile on every persins face,u made all, happy,u do jonze jst 2 see evry1 laff,,U ll neva b forgotten,.Teddy we shall see 2 part no mre,:'( ,...God knows d best 4 u ma Bro,May ya Gentle Soul Rest in d Bosom of d LORD!!!O:) . 17/04/2013 neva forget dis d@,I ll b celebrated ,and on dis day all ya jokes ll b told 1nce again,n u ll neva b forgotten. Ya Loyal bro. 
-Zeal (Ozor) 

He was everyone's choice of hapiness,jovial,lovin to be with,teddy aka T.pain as we all know him was very social hard to belif dat ur gone,we all hard sleepless 9t d day we had d sudden shock of ur death,said 2my sef"so no more t.pain,so no more teddy,so no more ikenna 2come n visit mi in d hous,ted ur fwendz really love u buh God loves u my fwend n my bro 4rm anoda mom. 

Teddy a na!!!...jukwa-ese is gone!..die hard fan of the kardashians and chris brown is gone...he was goin to barb skin ...and leave he's beards like an arab afta IT...he wanted to see me date chidinma ...too bad...he neva saw all dis...death is inevitable.. 
-Agbo Obinna 

Been short of words since the night I got this tragic news. At first i thought that u were just trying to pull off ur biggest prank,guess I was wrong 'bout that...*hmph*...A small part of me wants to question God,... but the other part just wants to remember the chubby,jovial(never seen that guy angry),fine nigga that touched lots of lives..Rest in peace,Teddy.Rest in peace brother..God bless ur soul, 

R.I.P my bro n true friend Teddy. Am glad to be a part of ur life. No 1 u ever came across will ever 4get you. Ur memories shall 4ever live in our hearts. Luv u bro buh God luvs u more. What a gr8 loss...makes me wander WTF is going on!!! 
-Namdy Elvis 

The first time I met ya,was with kpuboi,his old rickety car couldn't start and u were like "oga if this car go throw us comot bridge abeg make we follow the others go o" we all laughed, u were funny,talkn abt how u luvd swimmin in d evenin...I didn't know u, but u sure did make my friend and I feel comfortable...and ofcourse! Ur sister whom u loved to death,so protective in such a lovely way! Who's gonna take care of her now?? dude u better come bk,if not for ur friends...ur sister! My hands are shakn even as am typing this... Bad things shouldn't happen to good ppl! ... R.I.P Big Teddy...:( 
-Ola Cheta 

I can't believe you are gone bro we had a chat n Ʊ told me you are now ok and you have been discharged from hospital only for me to see an update R.I.P teddy I cried like a baby I couldn't even hold myself . The first time we met you opened hands of friendship and from then till you died we never had an argument or any problem @ all I miss you bro till we meet and shake hands again in the after life 
-chika Blingz 

I dint spend much time with u when I came to Enugu in Chyna's house but the lil I did showed me hw much of a kind hearted person u were. Hw u laffed with ur open tooth while you trashed Chyna playing PES! We will all miss u Ted. We love you but God loves you more. May your soul rest in peace..... 

first time I met u was @ ma party last year!u promised to make ur presence felt in that of this this what u meant teddy?!..I dashed to ur house on the eve I heard about ur eternal journey hoping its would be an April fools day but I was was cool where u @ nigga.dint have much time to hook up on every occasion but your memory would live on in my heart..if only tears could bring u back.I'm sure that of ur sister would have done that#till we meet again TEDDY!we love u but that of God Almight is bigger and he alone knows wy it had to be soo soon..I refuse to shed any tear because I know u smiling where u are right now knowing someday we meet in heaven and ill still be taller than U! 
-Pita Cash this is it...this is how it all ends...smhow I refuse to blv u are truly dead..told myself dah u were prolly crashing in d mortuary...nd wld wake up nd surprise er1 once they'v blvd u were truly gone...teddy u can't die nau...4 christ's sake...smpipl re nt supposed to die....sounds weird buh...u aint supposed to die! gave u d right to die now eh teddy? Look at all d pipl u left heart broken, is it fair? Is it? Went to ur crib wen I heard d news to see things 4 myself...teddy pipl were wailing...pipl were sad!! U aint sm1 who likes seeing sad faces, must find a way to crack em up...wake up nd crack these pipl up...Teddy pls d jonsing has gone out of hand nd pipl re truly thinking u re dead buh I knw u re'nt...I knw its one of ur pranks...pls wake up...there can never b a replacement of U...teddy bikonu..its Dee oo...U'v never refusd me nyfin, pls dnt start now...I'l say I told them so. 
-Chidera Okolie 

The sadness still comes along once in awhile, but the joy in the memories is so dear that it gently pushes aside the sadness. With me always are the wonderful memories of he would shout my name approaching me with that my funny dance steps invented at my sisters party, the times we play football at my crib and at RCC, the times we play PES09 &10 at Rony’s crib with everybody wanting to defeat Ugo cos he beats all man....teddy we re going to miss your jokes ...RIP Teddy memory shall never leave my heart. 
-Azike Valentine Nnaemeka. 

I was intoto nauseated when chike Azike gave me the tidings of Ikenna Eze's demise! I listened to him with acatalytic disgust because a microcosm of the macrocosm called Okey Ugwu has been lost!!! As we join the family of Eze in mourning , may we truly reflect on the quintessential modus vivendi of ikenna; The guy, who lived his life as an exempli gratia of self abnegation, puritanical excrescence, spartan discipline, mental magnitude, hierophantic candour and altruistic effusions,wonderful qualities that made ikenna a very rare gem in Enugu state! Adios mi amigo!!! We shall meet you there but not soon!!! 
-Jaja Okey