Cold World No Blanket

I paused for a moment to think of my life 
Do I deserve this life or am I living off lies 
People dying of illness 
And we are living so reckless 
People looking for babies 
And we are aborting plenty 
Leprosy eating up fingers 
We using ours to pull triggers 
People born without eye sight 
We use our eyes to measure ass size 
Do we really deserve this life? 
Ray charles, cobhams and stevie wonder 
Who knew the blind could such wonders 
Hitler, bin laden intelligent men that cause us trauma 
Einstein of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima 
People starving somewhere in the world 
We eat just meats and discard foods 
We have our freedom and complain of being bored 
Is prison better or are we fools? 
I often sit and reason 
Is there more to this life still hidden? 
Why are some born sicklers? 
Why are some born deaf and dumb? 
Why are some born to wretchedness? 
Why are kids born crippled? 
What sin have they committed? 
I hope they find happiness in something 
Why are some born so ugly? 
And get insulted by the beautiful like its their doing 
Why do God let evil thrive? 
When he's the God of all things 
I light a blunt and deeply think 
In My thoughts alone I deeply sink 
The mystery of the world in a brink 
Off the dreams I simply blink 
A glass of stress and the comfort to drink 
The bothers of earth like a dead mink 
A smoker's heart of black not pink 
Spills of life's ill to a careless shrink 
Its a cold world 
Cold meals of hell's banquet 
Cold world of cold wars 
Cold world no blanket 

-The Vyrus Udensi


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