Cold feet towards defeat

Cold feet towards defeat 
-The Vyrus 

The philosophy of life is diverse 
Each believed to lead to greatness 
I fight the forces of success-in-reverse 
The pursuit of happiness 

I pick the fine time to deliver hardwork 
Its a crooked old road of labour 
No beginner's luck in jobs at sea ports 
Repel failure for glamour 

Hardtimes sad times and happy hours 
You choose 
Its your choice to make it ours 
Mine too 

Its a loss when I'm dead 
I re-match when I loose 
The God provides that daily bread 
Lifts me up after I tie my shoes 

Cloudy skies of gray finish 
How strange 
Swampy field of brown garnish 
More strange 

Heads or tail its still an end 
Finish lines of great history 
In sands of time the rules are bent 
I create my own victory