I was having a chat with my buddy yesterday, I was telling him about my girlfriend and the whole 'love and trust' thing. He laughed at me and was like 'you be fool o!, you dey trust woman'. I laughed, because he can't understand how I feel. Now don't get me wrong. And this whole thing isn't about me or him. Its about many of us that have experienced heart and since locked up our heart to any kind of affection. Its just pretence and fakery and of course 'sex'. Well... Most of us have had sex so much, we hardly get a hard-on these days. Na like this we go de dey??
I don't know about you but I heard the future is our hands. If you keep breaking up every three months, when its time for marriage you'll prolly pick up one fine girl or rich dude in carnal reasoning cuz she's sexy with em hips, curves and the guy can afford em lexus jeeps n all. Forgeting that if as we all wish, we might actually get old with that person. And when after three kids, her breasts falls, and her hips sagged and pussy lost its muscles to childbirth, you are left with qualities that are not carnal. And trust me, when you get used to flashy cars and all those material things, the excitement is gone. Then if you married the wrong person, you'll start remembering that guy that made you laugh and understood your short comings. That girl that won't complain if couldn't get her a birthday gift. That guy you had so much in common with, that wouldn't embarrass you for hugging an old classmate, thinking you cheating on him. That girl that laughs at your dry jokes, and never calls you dumb because you don't know maths. That girl that shuns her friends whenever they call you broke and ugly. You prolly broke up with him over some silly thing because you met a new girl with a sexier look. You prolly broke up with him because he out of stupidity cheated on you once, and decided to let that come in between the only guy that understands you well. You broke up with her because she asked you to wait till she makes up her mind to give up her virginity, and you can't just wait for some months. You broke up with him because your friends told you that he's cheating on you with female bestie of his. Well... Its funny how we are quick to break up, over things we can forgive, not minding other compatible qualities our spouse can he do that to me? I can't believe she could do that? Hilary didn't divorce Bill clinton after the thing with Monica. Look at Annie maculay... Let's think deep and consider other things before we break up, especially if the relationship have lasted up to two years. No relationship can last two years straight without mutual understanding. And mutual understanding is rare when you have nothing to offer each other apart from love. Guy, when you start getting paid, girls will form understanding, babe he'll form understanding once you are flashy enough for him to brag to his friends 'that's my babe'. That guy or girl that loves and understands you before you get to this point in life is the one who really loves you. Use your head and swallow slow!