Ballad of the lost Loved ones

Ballad of the lost Loved ones
- by Nnagoziem Udensi

Its season greetings season again
Those who can smile are smiling but some fighting pains
Heartbreaks from memories revealing Abel from Cain
Deaths of loved ones younger than John McCain

Do you remember that beautiful girl that left butterflies in your tummy that's no more?
Buried Dads that bring home goodies from their trip to Baltimore
Sweet moms lying in-state in front of their six year old daughter who can't scream 'mommy' no more
Our brave brothers decomposing in graves with hearts of iron ore
Those crazy friends we always joke with that always have our backs even if we're poor
Do we still remember them or does my story bore?

Warm embrace at the departures in a crowded airport
Handsome pilots with perfect hair cuts
All crashed, not even a survivor creating a death depot
News casters on air listing out dead names like it don't hurt

Bread winners, only sons, newly weds, infant kids, pregnant wives
No matter how little - all precious lives
Brothers, lovers, best friends, just a death opened my eyes
Its still doesn't pick the foolish and spare the wise

I miss those friendly calls and beer bottle clicks with chizua, I can't still believe those hands I shake are now rotten
I know you miss the scold from your late dad, us that have ours still don't understand what we enjoying
I know she's missing the warning her mom gave her about boys, its a pity she died before she got married
I know he misses her, he loved her, now anytime he starts growing feelings for a girl named chioma, he's heart is worried

At times we get pissed they left us like they did us wrong
After putting up with their bullshit for so long
And when it was time for a happy ending, they took a run
The only way we can forgive them is moving on at the long run
R.I.P to all those who lost their lives in 2012, death has never been fun

in loving memory of my late friends Ikechukwu Oji, Emeka, Chizua and Teddy, and uncle Edward Udensi