All I'm Missing is You

Through the cold nights
And boring online chats
I still go places... Looking for fun
Familiar faces... I can go on and on
All I wish for is to be with you

Its been four months now
My head been spinning round and round
Don't ask me how I'm getting along
Cuz things you'll hear will be so wrong
I can do anything just to be with you

Its same old memories you put me through
None of my dreams has yet come true
I've stopped painting my city black and blue
Since you left there's nothing new
Can't I simply be with you?

Stranded in a world against my choice
Fighting against all odds
I hope this war is worth the cause
Readily stealing from the devil's purse
Things I do to be with you

Strong feelings growing stronger
Sanity my desperate hunger
My heart growing wings
My body growing weak
All I'm missing is you!