2012 and The Thrill of Cheating Death

How should i begin this? 
Its not time for forgiveness 
I'm being thankful 
Appreciating God's mercy 
The year's about ending 
I've witnessed God's blessings 
Several sun rising 
Sun setting at dusk 

Respirating free oxygen 
Its not like living is a must 
Dangerous road voyages 
At times for unholy reasons 
Yet safely delivered to my destination 
Not Like I can avoid those prisons 
No serious sickness 
Healthy like I bribed God 
Nope! I didn't, its just he's Mercy 
No planes crashing into my abode 
No bomb blasts at my place of worship 
No HIV, No AIDS, No Cancer, No Case 
No jail terms, No police case 
No carry-over, Nah! None this year! 
And I'm now a graduate 
Sounds more like his grace 
No rioting, no wars! not like my country deserves peace 
Mostly sinners and few saints 
But his children shielded by His wings 
No robbery, no rape 
No silly accusations, even at my young age 
No bullets in cross-fires 
Not like I could avoid it 
But God in his infinite mercy made sure I'm not hit 
No starvation, no famine 
I have my three course meal 
No locozade boost, no glucose 
Energetic like a castrated bull 
No hospital visits, not since I was born 
No burial in my nuclear family 
No surgery, no drug abuse 
No mental illness, no mistaken identity 
No epilepsy, no down syndrome, no diabetes, no baldness 
None of these natural diseases 
Like I'm on God's list of good health 
This year haven't been perfect 
I didn't achieve my dreams 
But these lil blessings 
Shows that there's a God indeed 
No poisoning, no witchcraft 
No flying in dreams at night 
No possession, no deliverance 
No need to visit TB Joshua 
No loss of any close friends 
Well, just one! I bet God have his reasons 
No handcuffs, No arrests like when I was 16 
Guess I stopped behaving like a teen...lolz 
No intimidation, nope! Not anymore 
No worries of low esteem or feeling inferior 
And my Girl friend never missed her period! 
Just listing God's blessings and none of my achievements 
Sure I got those too, but today's God's achievements 
No debts, no hanging bills 
Three parties this year, spent some naira bills 
I thank God for how 2012 went 
Didn't go to church much tho 
I'm loosing my flare for religion 
But I know my Lord, I am God's own 
I swear I'm not preaching 
But I can't hold my breathe 
I'm just excited and happy 
Just like the thrill of cheating death
-The Vyrus Udensi