Enugu state, a state in the south-eastern part of Nigeria, peculiar for coal mining also called coal city. Enugu is one state where fun is guaranteed at any time, as far as you know the right button to press, and there is no complete fun for a guy without a least a girl. Coal city is one state filled with flamboyant chicks. This is widely known but guys still face some difficulties (especially those from outside the state) in getting these chicks pay them attention.

It is extensively believed in Nigeria that the handsomeness of a man depends on how swollen his pockets are. In other words if you ain’t bucks’ed up you’re as good as ugly for these girls to dig. In Enugu that theory aint totally true, due to the prototype chics that reside in coal city. Although at times the theory comes in pretty handy for these chics, and money goes a long way in impressing them. The thing is that it doesn’t totally go down like that, unlike other states where its get money live and lavish get women ship and pack them, states where chics check your pocket out before checking you out. Naturally like a prospectus Enugu girls got some unconsciously laid down laws which are considerably seen as a pompous necessity before you can inculcate a tenacious impression on them. Stunning right? Well that’s how it goes no matter who you are, except for some prevailing guys whose reputation precedes them, at times guys like that face problems of chics playing hard to get to protect their own ego. Apart from this, coal city chics evince same character toward guys generally. The sterling part of the whole game is once you’ve attained and inculcated that companionable dexterous impression in them, you’re good to go even when you mess things up later.

If you’re fresh into coal city, you need to cognize these suits, like 1. You’ve got to look good before you can look at a coal city chic. Now let me enlighten you on what I mean by looking good. Looking good in my terms isn’t necessarily being handsome. Looking good comes in grades, like when a guy sees a girl riding on an expensive car and wants her as a girlfriend, dude you’ve got to be on a ride if possible something better than hers. That theory of a poor guy dating a rich girl happens only in the movies, in real life if its happening to you…dude the girl’s using you or maybe she isn’t yet exposed to flyer dudes. Don’t get me wrong that’s how it goes down. Check out in a secondary school classroom, guys that get the best girls are not always the most intelligent, but the ones that simply sew their uniform to fit them nice, wash em’ up and iron em neatly. With this in a secondary school classroom you’re good to go. Guys that have swollen pockets but cant take good care of themselves cant hit it, because you cant have a swollen pocket and a stinking breathe and get a coal city chic listen to you, nah it cant happen (except of course if you fell in into the hands of a ho). Apart from that, things like that don’t go down in Enugu. You may not believe me but in cities like onitsha, aba, lagos etc guys with stinking breathe can French-kiss a top class chic as far as he’s got the doe, no kidding it happens. But in coal city it’s a different ball game. So you see, looking good in my terms isn’t necessarily clasping on handsomeness but being so fresh and so clean so that when you look at a coal city girl she wont reply with a “who is this one” look. 

After conquering her with the looks, you are not the boss yet, she sees guys that look good everyday in coal city. You still need to conquer her with 2. Good manners; extensively you need boldness to talk to a girl, but when it comes to a coal city chic you need good manners and boldness. Good manners I mean isn’t the dexterity to say good day or excuse me miss, there is more to it than that. When you want to engage a girl in a discussion you need to make sure you’re not interrupting any of her businesses, and you can only know this by asking and by asking you’ve shown her that you’re not just after your self but concerned about her being comfortable, and if she’s busy don’t push it, just leave her with a few comments with a “see you later” ending. And remember you need to bubble and talk don’t walk up to a girl and blab. That impels the next step 3. Ability to speak, Listen in impressing a coal city chic dexterity to speak is one action that speaks louder than word. You’ve got to be versatile and capricious, like you’ve got to know what girls like to talk about. like music, movies and some love it when you talk dirty (be careful in the talking dirty aspect not all girls that appear horny love talking dirty, and when you see one that loves it don’t take it by the scoff of the neck or you’ll loose every thing you came for and be seen as a clown). Don’t walk up to a girl and talk sports, bro please they hate it! The discussion might be sustained so you need to know what you’re saying for a coal city girl to dig your flowing ability. O.P totally disqualifies you; you don’t know the subject of discussion? Do less of talks and more of listening and when she’ll notice your disposition the subject will change. Listen I’m not trying to teach you how to talk to girls, Nah. Talking to girls got no rules I’m just telling you pitfalls to prevent when making an impression on an Enugu girl not necessarily for a relationship but for a good understanding and healthy friendship. 

Now for those who might be interested in a relationship 4. Be nice and smart, this part is the most delicate of the whole act. You need to be nice and smart to ask them out. No one can tell a grown up guy how to do this because it doesn’t go down in a particular way, so anything can happen. You’ve got to be nice and smart and not to be stupid enough to ask a girl out the first day you met her. It at times works for some dudes, but trust me most times it turns the girl off. Coal city chics are too sensitive to that no matter the kind of tenacious impression you’ve impacted on them, it’s not smart except your reputation precedes you. Ultimately coal city chics are generously wonderful to be with once you‘re not retarded. Unlike other states, Enugu is bookish and the chics in it are too scholarly, so they don’t need a fiasco buddy with no equitable deed to propound. So watch out when a chic says she’s from coal city, respect her coz she’s classy

By Udensi “The Vyrus” Nnagoziem