By Nnagoziem “The Vyrus” Udensi

For a reasonable amount of span now, staunchly; females both matured and juvenile are being disregarded in sundry forms. Generally, they are seen as “the weaker vessel” seen also in the expression “the weaker sex” seen merely as nothing but an infinitesimal support to the male entities. “What’s the big deal?” most men would say ask. This familiar mind state men commonly share leaves the ladies indulging constantly in this persistent competition of “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. And since this antagonism came into subsistence women has made a great deal of meal out of it. Now let’s sweep through the expression and see how much particles of possibilities in it.

Leave out (intentionally) the natural facts like marriage and reproduction pattern which basically leaves the man ‘in fact’ on top and check out other facts women can actually compete with. Lately, women have are involved in a great deal of achievements worldwide, In fact in history as a whole, putting their names down as legends through history. Names like Rosa parks, Mary Slessor, Mother Theresa, Florence Nightingale, Boudicca, Eva Peron, Oprah Winfrey, Dora Akunyili among much other. Yes! All these women evidently had a strong grip on the achievement baton, which to a really tough length has proven that women aid-lessly can leave landmarks in the pitch of achievements.
Putting all these indispensable facts in consideration vigorously, one can still boldly utter that the datum of comparing women to men is totally wrong. “I know it would come down to this”, most women will say at this moment say. But every reasonable women doubtlessly but with little sentiments would agree with me. But most, with the new ideology and frenzy of gender equality will always need extra time and exertion to convenience.
Now, putting other facts into consideration, it is rather reasonable and humanly that women shouldn’t be neglected or underrated in any way. Men should simply accept the fact that ultimately women are great support to men and to an extent without them life could be meaningless. Women are like heart is to the head; women are the heart and men, the head. Without the heart the head can’t breathe, and without head the heart can’t beat. I use the heart to symbolize women because fundamentally like women it is apparent that the heart is delicate. It is also observably true that some women poses as an exception, but as we also know Some hearts are just stronger than some and some heads weaker than some. So at some point an exception shows up but let’s matches the regular to the regular. The heart can’t be exposed to the persistent harsh weather and environment the head continually face. Although when a heart is seriously injured it can be removed and replaced but it tells a great deal on the body especially the head (because it’s the one that gets unconscious) and most times the body dies when the heart is being replace or has been replaced. And let’s not forget that to get a new heart for replacement, a body has to die. This is how the system works and that is how imperative a woman is to man, life and humanity as a whole. The head; the head sees, breaths, hears, talks and think, in fact like a motor engine, the head controls the whole body. It can stand the harsh sun of the summer and the coldest moon of the winter with the least protection. It can take the heaviest drop of rain and the thickest form of sweat and still remain healthy. The head can sustain wounds and heal within a period of time. Now that’s exactly how indispensable men are to women, life and humanity. But let’s not still forget the head can’t do all these without the heart.
To clear the fog, with the evident great mind women possess, there’s a man with a greater mind or at least men with same prospects. Ladies achieve, yes! But that’s not a virtuous enough form of intelligence to trigger the present colossal fog of gender contrasting clouding the minds of women today. To every female name mentioned in any discipline of life achievement on earth, there is a male name qualified enough to put up an argument, meanwhile when the issue is flipped to the other gender, there is no reasonable evaluation. Either good or bad you can easily print out this argument when Rosa parks and Martin Luther are placed in the same box, Oprah and Larry King, Madonna and Michael Jackson, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods. But when names like Bill gates, Barrack Obama, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong or even Fidel Castro Hitler or Bin Laden are mentioned there are no female names to put up a reasonable argument. There are things women can naturally do and things they can’t naturally do. To achieve those things men do naturally, they necessitate superfluous endeavor. Women can lead but not rule, they can easily care not carter, they can guide not guard; but for men, it goes both ways. To do these other things for women, it entails serious hard work. Even religiously, we have the pope, leaders of different churches and religious figures like Jesus and Mohamed. One would say that these men were born of women, but the fact remains that they have fathers too and sisters who are nothing like them. In entertainment you most definitely have heard of names like Madonna, Celine Dion, Queen Latifah and others but evidently they are not challenge to musical moguls like kings of Rap “Tu pac and Biggy”, king of pop “Michael Jackson” king of Reggae “Bob Marley” King of Afro beat “Fela kuti” or even self proclaimed king of R&B “R. Kelly”. In comedy, you hardly hear a female name, while names like “Eddie Murphy” “Nkem Onoh”, “Martin Lawrence”, “John Okafor”, Kat William and others are enormously renowned.
Don’t view this wrongly, this is just pointing out why women shouldn’t be so much caught up in this gender comparison frenzy. It’s simply not natural to compensate women to men; because in nature women may be mermaids, demons but not Satan, Mary but no Jesus, Angels not God, witches not in wizards of OZ or wizard of first order. Queen’s not kings, Eve not Adam etc. in hospitals, you see females as nurses and few doctors, males as doctors and few nurses. In school most principals are males and teachers females. In musical videos, you see females as dancers and males as the artistes. This list could go on forever but then it will make the core intent defeated.
The purpose of this article isn’t to create chaos or insinuate anything radical. It has been known in Africa for ages that men are the head while women submit, but recently it seems our culture which has be tagged ‘bad’ by foreigners is being erased together with its good trend and our women and forgetting swiftly the right thing and most men following suit. This is to remind both gender it’s place in life, because this new frenzy is bringing in the ill western wind of failure in marriages, problems in places of work, man on women violence, heartbreak, broken homes and many other occurrences Africans generally are not known with into idyllic African families.
It is but natural for men to be on top; and fighting this with the idea of ‘opposing the horrors of life’ may leave you being the horror you fear. This man and woman macho thrash-about is not natural, man and woman should live together naturally as God planned it and not the other way round. And if these words don’t teach us anything, I guess life will; the hard way. Always remember, the woman is the heart and the man is the head.

By Udensi “The Vyrus” Nnagoziem