talking my hardest (my verse for ol' die's talking the hardest season 2 with elem gee and nedu ibo boy)

King Kong vheezy yup! I'm up in this bitch.
Dick so hard shit can even dig a ditch.
Slim like shady no 50's muscle so don't call me a snitch.
My rhymes so raw hits ur ear it might twitch.
Street hard nigga hate the law and I'm breaking it.
Love money much when I see it bitch I'm taking it.
Use coke as flour for my cake wen im baking it.
Born to live long if i die then I'm faking it.
Up in coalcity sha-sha sharp boy them callin me.
Fresh to death! buh-buh but still committing felonies.
Higher than Himalayas! Above my enemies.
My body's liquor chambers head's weed colony.
I let my flows pour hard like nigra falls.
They say talk is cheap so im bout to make my naira talk.
Your bitch is sick; i fucked her with my viral balls
My dick shrinks i make it hard and Viagra tall.
Im smoking kush nigga! Cali dro and cigar.
My bitches so fly like my j-carter sneaker.
My heart aint soft shit's hard rock like peter.
Balls so black like obama im a nigga!.
If hustle makes gs fast, shit i'd be full of speed.
If money's cutting fingers den im destined to bleed.
If red sea's full of maga im surfing overseas
My centigrade is hot like a hundred degreez.
I'm an addict like pac in gridlock
I get shot at; got game; i don't duck
Luck wishes? You're Jonathan im good luck
Im off units; no limits; got young bucks
Boom blacka! Wahala ''ol'die'' na osama of naija.
King mufasa ''nedu'' lyk obama of Kenya.
''elem gee'' ahaa! U lyk Mandela of bafana.
Me? I is the Vyrus i shine like black stars of Ghana!
I'm done talkin my hardest make i go gather som dollars!