Over these years Celebes date and break up, walk down the aisle and dissociate. It’s widespread amongst Celebes; their affairs don’t work their marriages don’t either, except for a few like that of jay-z and beyonce, marc Anthony and jenifer lopez, well we are still looking out for them since bobby brown and Whitney Houston divorced after that much time. It became rather interesting when people wanted to know Celebes with the shortest marriages in history, so it was “vheezy to the rescue” and I started digging.

According to my topical study, Britney Spears' recent wedding to Jason Allen Alexander may be the record-holder for shortest celebrity wedding. Just hours after tying the knot, they were filing for an annulment. Apart from Britney and Jason’s wedding there are other celebrities’ weddings almost that short…

20 months - Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson wed May 1994, split December 1995.

13 months - Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa wed February 1997, split March 1998.

9 months - Shannen Doherty and Rick Salomon wed February 2002, split November 2002. Yes, this is the same Rick Salomon of the Paris Hilton sex tape fame.

8 months - Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd
Wed October 2001, split July 2002.

8 months - Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton
May 1950, split January 1951.
Famed bride Elizabeth Taylor got a jump on her string of weddings with her first marriage to hotelier (and grandfather to sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton) Nicky Hilton. 19 year-old Elizabeth reportedly said about the wedding, "I have a woman's body and a child's emotions."

7 months - Courtney Thorne-Smith and Andrew Conrad
Wed June 2000, split January 2001.
They couldn't even make it to when their wedding pictures were infamously published by Instyle Magazine in February/March 2001.

5 months - Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton
Wed September 1993, split February 1994.

5 months Drew Barrymore and Tom Green wed July 2001, split December 2001.

5 months -Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman
Wed November 1998, split March 1999.
Like Britney and Jason, these two were wed in a quickie Vegas wedding. Rodman initially tried to get an annullment after nine days of wedded bliss, but the two managed to stick it out another four and a half months.

4 months, 24 days - Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele
Wed September 1995, split February 1996.

3 months, 15 days - Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage
Wed August 2002, split November 2002.

32 days - Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman
Wed June 1964, split July 1964. 32 days

30 days - Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas
Wed March 1994, split April 1994.

9 days - Cher and Gregg Allman
Wed July 1975, split July 1975.
Another example of why you've got to watch out for those Vegas weddings. Just three days after divorcing Sonny Bono, Cher and musician Gregg Allman spontaneously flew to Vegas in his Lear Jet to wed. However, she reportedly soon discovered that his drug and alcohol problems were too much for her, and filed for divorce after only nine days.

8 days - Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips
Wed October 1970, split November 1970.

6 hours - Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker
Wed and split November 1919.
The jury's still out on whether Britney's marriage was shorter than famed lover Rudolph Valentino's. After just six hours, the bride locked Valentino out of the honeymoon suite! He soon gave up and headed home. However, they didn't finalize a divorce until 1922.

Therefore, I declare that Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander take the prize for shortest celebrity marriage!

Damn! This Celebes things just don’t work, the ladies don’t get submissive, after all they are stars and the guys don’t either, they are men and f***k it, they are stars too and the ladies are always up on them. The lives of celebrities has wasted so many people’s lives, trust me you wouldn’t want to know.