Brains pour out on shits when your skull’s open
My mind’s bound but I’ll live to see that spell broken
When im broke i sob and don’t smile
I know my figures im smart, Kyle x y
Is my country bad? My mind wonders like a real Bolton
Elections come they rig that shit but we still voting
We soil our names to get money; that’s an ill token
Campaigns on, the country’s heating up like some big oven
Wrong persons win they tag it up to landslide
Step on their toes it takes you out like a landmine
Good leaders’ front but they keep em off like ninth mile
But when you’re smart you loose yourself like eight mile
We getting old, turned fifty but we still joking
Can’t see the future, like ray Charles we blind but still hoping
It’s a wrap; an illiterate can’t play scrabble
And when a follower leads to an extent it brings trouble
Left for me I’ll let Jonathan do double
After which all those suckers can re-struggle
I’m just a character like long john in Treasure Island
I do my part and expect a trip to pleasure highland
Since i was a kid my parents talked of better days
I taught me good but i couldn’t get em better grades
Is my country what the bible talked of in later days?
Can’t say, i guess my pastor was after the better pays
I shouldn’t cry much; my governor is doing good
Although for three months he left my school to act a fool
Fed schools are on; all we motherfucking do is drool
I guess a real riot will make em taste our soul food
Then think twice and re-open the damn schools
Now back to politics making the country a fucking hive
Pastors out vying posts instead of preaching and saving lives
But God’s fury sharper than a two edged knife
So they don’t last longer than john eleven thirty five
I swallow my pride and let my ego down my oesophagus
This time around we gotta let the egg lay the golden goose
Instead of the rulers, let the people make the golden rules
Or shits’ll turn strange like a duck-billed platypus
Shirr... slim ed the vyrus turned a motherfucking activist
Sitting in a church making confessions to a lying priest
Siding hell-bound politicians while the congregation take the risk
Rev. See what they do to you
Politicians doodle you
Leave you confused like a motherfucking voodoo fool
Fans can’t even Google you
Said my piece too you can’t say my shit’s new to you
Now’s time to think like gurus do
Hope one day our country’s gonn’ be a real utopia
And keep no secrets and so won’t need Victoria
Damn! Gotta go i think i got malaria