POETIC LYRICS …magnifying words of value
By Nnagoziem The Vyrus Udensi

In this song, PREACHER MAN asa took a different dimension, Off what she usually does. She goes religious and prayerful in an exquisite poetic way depicting a repenting individual seeking for help to better her ways in the first verse. Quite amazing, optimizing poetry talent and rhythmn deserving severe applaud… see the verse one

”Preacher man please have some faith
I’ve come to you cos I lost my way
Here I am with my bag of shame
Oh please don’t send me away
Yesterday like any other day
I had it all but now it’s all gone
Where are you? Where can I found you?
Oh Lord, please show me your face”
Here Asa talks directly and submissively to God  confessing selfishness and greed believing God could save and change her sinful ways only she didn’t put it out black and blue, she imposed creativity through brilliant rhymes delivering a vivid message…
Oh Lord, I’ve been very greedy
I worshiped money
I wouldn’t help the needy
Their pains just didn’t move me
What am I? Who have I become?
I’m reaching out, I need you now
Come ease this pain, I need you now
I’m down on my knees
I’m ready to change
Save me Lord, I’m feeling low

Another lyrically advanced song is RAIN DROPS where i
Even in the chorus, 2face passed an explanatory hidden warning. Sighting how some of the mistakes he made in his life turned around into some sort of blessings in sight of his previous life of promiscuity (the mistake) which yielded him beautiful kids (the blessing). See how he flipped a usual sentence to achieve a poetic delivery of his message. Instead of  rain drops from the sky and tears drop from his eyes….observe
Just like rain drops falling from my eyes
Just like my tear drops falling from the sky
It is like a blessing, a blessing in disguise
That we fail to realize
Now I have to pay the price, pay the price
See, young man, be careful and think it twice
Before you choose to use, before you choose to use, use your device
So you don’t have rain drops falling from my eyes
Only it is a blessing in disguise
Oh what a sacrifice, a sacrifice
I see them

in the first verse of the song, 2face complain of some things appreciated some things exposing his feelings. After talking of the negative effect of the press, 2face complained about his baby mama whom he believes to be just groupies with parasitic nature here in this line “these girls are very deadly but before I say so, i check am, nobody with me” nevertheless he loves them for reasons he also stated. He then appreciated the good ones after which he explains himself a little….

Dem a writing stuff about me
Most of them I know they only want to destroy me
Burn them, them no get another story
But out of my fame, they want to claim say I am holy
See I dare them,
these girls are very deadly
but before I say so, i check am, nobody with me
I love them, cos my pikin is them, and my little sensy
And I respect them
All them wey bin advise me, wey talk to me truthfully
See I no have no time for no hypocrisy
Have no time for the people that treat dem a minds in my matter eh
I know some people will say some things that will cut like a knife
They make to want to dey mara eh
Making me feel like a murderer

Now the future by TY Bello is that much of a complicated lyrical song. Its simply a sing along song of hope with beautiful lyics simple to absorb…

We are the future
We are the dream
We are the nation
We are part of this

Yes we are so amazing
That’s the least we shall be
At the heart of the nation changing history
How can they say that we are finished
We have just begun
When we have no where else to run to
We have no where else to go

So get out of the way
Out of the way Of the land of our dreams
We are the nation we are part of this
We are the nation we are part of this
Ooooh, Carry the song
Carry the sound
The future is here
The future is here
Goodbye yesterday
Tomorrow is now for the taking
The future is here
The future is here