20. "Just when I thought I was
out... they pull me back
in." (Michael Corleone -
Godfather Part III)
19. "There is a line you cross,
you don't never come back
from. Point of no return. Dave
crossed it. I'm here with him.
That's means I am going along
for the ride. The whole ride. All
the way to the end of the line,
wherever that is." (Carlito -
Carlito's Way)

18. "You don't make up for your
sins in church. You do it in the
streets. You do it at home. The
rest is bullshit and you know
it." (Martin Scorsese - Mean
17. "You want me, you're going
to have to come and get
me!" (Caesar Enrico Bandello -
Little Caesar)
16. "All right so he got shot in
the foot, why is it a big fuckin'
deal?" (Tommy DeVito -
15. "Leave the gun. Take the
cannoli." (Peter Clemenza - The
14. "This country's still growing
up. Certain diseases, you're
better off having when you're
still young." (Max - Once Upon a
Time in America)
13. "A man who doesn't spend
time with his family can never be
a real man." (Don Corleone -
The Godfather)
12. "If I ever, I mean if I ever see
you here again, you die." Carlito
- Carlito's Way)
11. "Hit 'em where it counts. An
eye for an eye." (Cross De Lena -
The Last Don Part II)
10. "If anything in this life is
certain, if history has taught us
anything, it is that you can kill
anyone." (Michael Corleone -
The Godfather Part II)
9. "You wanna fuck with me?
Okay. You wanna play rough?
Okay. Say hello to my little
friend!" (Tony Montana -
8. "When I introduce you, I'm
gonna say, 'This is a friend of
mine.' That means you're a
connected guy. Now if I said
instead, 'This is a friend of ours',
that would mean you a made
guy. A Capiche?" (Lefty - Donnie
7. "If a guy fucking tripped over
a banana peel, they'd bring me
in for it." (Nicky Santoro -
6. "You can get further with a
kind word and a gun than you
can with just a kind
word." (Capone - The
5. "I spent my whole life trying
not to be careless. Women and
children can afford to be
careless, but not men." (Don
Corleone - The Godfather)
4. "Make a wish... it'll be your
last" (Cross De Lena - The Last
Don Part II)
3. "Fredo, you're my older
brother, and I love you. But
don't ever take sides with
anyone against the Family again.
Ever." (Michael Corleone - The
Godfather Part II)
2. "In this country, you gotta
make the money first. Then
when you get the money, you
get the power. Then when you
get the power, then you get the
women." (Tony Montana -
1. "I'll make him an offer he
can't refuse." (Don Corleone -
The Godfather)

Famous Quotes
about Life and
Business from the
Mafia Manager
1. “The best way to enter
our business is to be born into
2. “The business of the
mafia is business.”
3. “If the pot is boiling
over, use a long spoon. If the
house is on fire; warm yourself.”
4. “Our principles are
highest; honor, solidarity and
vengeance. We know there’s no
justice for us except we earn it.
We earn respect.”
5. “All problems resolves
themselves; given time.”
6. “Extreme problems
often require extreme solutions.”
7. “Men stumble on
stones, not mountains.”
8. “Friends are not as
important as family. Do not
confuse the loyalty of friendship
with the bond of blood.”
9. “The problem with
friends is their candor. They will
betray you if you let them and
then they will tell you to your
face why: ‘it’s nothing personal,
just business.”
10. “Keep your friends
close, but keep your enemies
The Mafia Manager : A Guide
to the Corporate Machiavelli
40 Famous
Quotes about Life and
Business from the Mafia
11. “A man without
enemies is a man without
qualities. Even Jesus Christ had
many enemies.”
12. “The world belongs to
the patient man.”
13. “If you can’t win by
fighting fair, fight foul. Or have a
third party do your fighting.”
14. “Even a mouse keeps
three holes.”
15. “God will provide, but
you must provide till he does.”
16. “It takes a thousand
blows to drive a nail in the
17. “The best defense
against the treacherous is
18. “A thousand enemies
is not enough; a single enemy is.
There is nothing as a ‘harmless’
19. “The best armor is to
keep out of range.”
20. “The best friend of a
hungry buzzard is a dead horse.
That is in another way of saying;
even the son of a bitch has his
The Mafia Manager : A Guide
to the Corporate Machiavelli
40 Famous
Quotes about Life and
Business from the Mafia
21. “When you are riding
a fast fresh horse, don’t get off
and walk it. Ride it as long as it
22. “Eagles don’t hunt
23. “When you skate on
thin ice, skate fast.”
24. “In a storm, pray to
God but row for shore.”
25. “When you must cut,
persuade the victim you are a
26. “Good medicine is
always bitter.”
27. “Every remedy of a
bad situation has its bad side
effects. Choose the remedy with
the least.”
28. He who pays well is
well served.”
29. “The big drum sounds
good only from a distance.”
30. “Never worry about
tomorrow. Tomorrow, you might
inherit a million dollars or be run
over by a truck. Or inherit a
million dollars and be run over
by a truck.”
The Mafia Manager : A Guide
to the Corporate Machiavelli
40 Famous
Quotes about Life and
Business from the Mafia
31. “Money never goes to
32. “You can be rich
without knowing how to be
powerful but you cannot be
powerful without money.”
33. “Never reinforce
failure; never marry a losing
34. “If you are the anvil,
be patient. If you are the
hammer; strike.”
35. “When you
compromise, you lose. When you
seem to have compromise, you
have taken a step towards
36. “Fortune is on the side
of the strong.”
37. “For peace to reign,
be ready for war.”
38. “Better your enemies
overestimate your stupidity than
your shrewdness.”
39. “After a victory,
sharpen your knife.”
40. “When you hunt, let
the game come to you.”
The Mafia Manager : A Guide
to the Corporate Machiavelli