The Vyrus’
casa de larry
18th June

I pulled up from my bed smiling and rubbing my eyes after a long bone fixing stretch. Uuh... It feels good waking up with this exciting feeling of protection in the air. My boyfriend Eddie for the last one week and some days has been staying with me for some shady reasons he couldn’t freely tell me and each time his story’s shady, it’s usually not good and i prefer the ‘the less you know the safer’ format. So i didn’t push it since i was actually enjoying his presence because he never usually spends more than a night in my house.
Eddie was still asleep as i prepared breakfast and got ready for school. Since he never leaves the house for no reason whatsoever, no matter how important or urgent the subject might be; I usually make breakfast and lunch when i won’t be home early. But toady being a Friday, school isn’t always task-packed so i was going to be home early enough to make lunch, so i hooked up just breakfast kissed him bye while he was still in bed still weak from last night..lol and head out.
Took an unusual long bus to school because i wasn’t in that a rush; needed the long ride to cool off a little. I was somewhat in school just in time for the one lecture we had; but a little late though so had to sit in the back with my friend Esene, the only Calabar girl I’m friends with.
While in class in lecture session, instead of listening, we discussed this guy ‘Larry’. Larry is a mixed race hot boy in my department; not really our level, he’s in his final year, hot fresh boy born in the U.S with much wealth to flaunt. Every girl in the campus enthusiastically wanted him maybe because anytime he’s around the block, he is effortlessly conspicuous.
According to Esene, this same Larry in a prior engagement the previous day invited her over to his house. Esene was so lit up about the invite and honestly, so would any other ‘hot-girl-wanna-be’ girl like Esene who happens to be in such an imaginable position of a crib invite from the freshest cream de la cream kid on the block. I on other hand was keen about it; i wanted to tag along but didn’t want to verbally ask her though. So i chilled and anticipated the good fortune of a tag along invite from Esene. Was this “Larry” all that? Yeah! He was. Believe me.
Unusually, the lecture ended earlier than it was supposed to. Other days, this lecture lasts till 1pm but today, it ended by 11:30am. And since Larry asked Esene to come by 2pm, we needed something to kill time.
So we headed for the canteen. After a deliberate waste of time subsequent to having lunch, it was 15 minutes after 12pm. Esene started pressuring suggesting we start going to Larry’s house viewing that it doesn’t really matter if we arrived earlier than invited.
To a point, i succumbed to the pressure and agreed blankly to the rather unreasonable idea. I just wanted to be a close friend to the guy every girl on campus wanted. And if breaking a little somewhat insignificant rule of invitation would put me in a close position with this guy, baby i will break all rules. After all it could be called arriving fashionably early, what harm could befall an early bird? Huh?
So we picked up our handbags and stood on our heels, walked up to the school gate and boarded a taxi.
After we told the cab driver our destination, he started a tittle-tattle tale that i relatively found interesting while he was taking us there.
He said that from our school gate; more girls have been taken to this same address than any other hot spot in town. Funny enough, the Hot spot he had in mind was hotels and hang-out joints and this address which supposedly beat other hot spots to the number of girls that visit it was a domestic home. Now that is some interesting but crooked theory. And some of the girls that came out from there ended up in the hospital.
As soon as those words went through my head, i grew a double mind instantly. I didn’t utter a word. I rather gave Esene a ‘lets-change-our-mind-now-and-stop-right-here’ warning look.
She did understood and read the meaning in the look but instead of regarding the warning, she rather started convincing me that the whole story was the kind of tales folks made up to drag successful people’s name through the mud.
I was rather put in an enigmatic state than think straight or even remember my boyfriend was home waiting for me.
For the rest of the ride, i was thinking blank. Within minutes, we got to Larry’s house.
It was more of a mansion; Huge and grand. As Esene paid the cab driver, my jaw dropped to the magnificence of this edifice like will smith’s arrival to bell-air in the movie; the fresh prince of bell-air. I was wondering how a student could afford this kind of building when Esene reminded me the building was Larry’s parent’s and since they all stayed abroad, he had it all to himself.
After we were buzzed in through the gate, we got to the door where we were welcomed by a shirtless moderately muscular good looking guy with a Louis Vitton belt clutching a glock to his waist wearing a sagged jean.
The sight of this sent a shock wave to my nerves bringing up images of past experiences as a mild warning. But evidently, this picture sent a totally different message to Esene’s brain as she was annoyingly excited from admiration of the guy’s handsomeness.
She instantly started up a convo with this guy who didn’t say anything in reply.
I we walked into the sitting room, damn! it was a scary sight. Two boys with powdered noses sitting and starring at us with a minimal heap of that powder on a glass table in front of them. That was cocaine!
I stood shock to my marrow starring at these guys as they stared back speechlessly. Were they even expecting any kind of visitor? My mind wondered holding Esene’s hand tight on purpose to send the message ‘this is not good’ to her.
Just about then, Larry appeared smiling, walking down the stairs leading to the living room towards us looking cute and sexy as his bare light skinned abs with dark curly hairs lined across his chest with his firm arms holding two glasses and a bottle of wine. ‘’you are one hour early”. Damn! Larry is cute! But the atmosphere didnt encourage much exhibition of admiration plus it wasn’t a place regular girls like us should be.
I looked at Esene’s already terrified face as Larry planted a magical kiss on her forehead which surprisingly snapped her back to her exciting mood again as if everything was alright.
Larry handed us the glasses and poured the wine into it as Esene introduced me to him. He encouraged me to relax and feel at home. And magically, i stupidly felt at home in a room full of drug junkies and narcotics. He further offered some coke to us; Esene refused without hesitation but the adventurous part of me already before now had always wanted to taste cocaine just to see how it tastes and feels. So i took a shot at it and inhaled three lingering snorts of possibly undiluted cocaine.
It was just seconds and it hit me; damn! Coke acts faster than marijuana. I was already half way high and needed to cool off.
So i headed for the bathroom for a head splash of real cold water with my filled up glass of wine.
As i walked into the bathroom i was struck with a strange kind of dizziness that made me trip over nothing and spilled my drink more than halfway.
I continued carelessly relating a strong grip onto any physical object that could aid my balance. I finally made it to the ceramic basin. I poured the remaining drink down my gullet, turned on the water and took a several splash to my head.
I didn’t feel any better as my head got heavier and left me dizzy; i then sighted the shower just beside me. At this point i wasn’t myself; the only thing my mind could find was my present state. I could do anything to make me comfortable at this state. So i started taking off my clothes after i turned the shower on.
I stood in my bra and panties as the cold water from the shower hit my head and sent a cool chill to my nerves. I heard Esene scream happily; she’s probably having fun my mind relayed to me. I stood still under the simulated rain for about three minutes.
Just as i thought i was getting myself i started feeling insatiably horny. I have been drugged with either ‘Spanish fly’ or ‘ecstasy’ my mind quickly analyzed within the brief consciousness the cold water rendered.
I walked out of the bathroom with my clothes dragging by my fingers to a sight that brought me back to earth.
Larry and two of his friends were sexually all over my utterly nude friend; Esene as the forth guy was taping them with a video camera. What the fuck is going on? My lips uttered with an audio-less voice. From the looks in Esene’s eyes, she was highly drugged because she finished her drugged glass of wine and probably took more.
I on the other hand can’t help even if i was sober but although i wasn’t that horny, i had cocaine in my system and its effect was gradually coming back.
We needed help from the outside. But who am i to call; the police? Hell no! I was guilty of drug abuse. And i couldn’t call my boyfriend because he was already in trouble i couldn’t leave the house.
I was still battling with my mind as my high started coming intensively back plus Larry and his friends already sighted me.
I had no choice than to contact Eddie (my boyfriend). I couldn’t call him because he was gonna get mad and the whole save-our-soul call would end up in a verbal altercation. So i decided to text him.
I was already high again so i leaned to the wall as i typed ‘drugged in Larry’s house’ forgetting my boyfriend had no idea of who Larry was or how he could get to the address.
Larry noticed i was about doing something implicating so he walked fast to hold me back, but i quickly with my last strength and sanity sent the text before he could make me.
As Larry drew close, i was getting hornier off the ecstasy or Spanish fly whichever i was drugged with. I swiftly dragged him close dropping my cell as i sexually pull myself into him with my hands on his genitals; we started making out there and then. He had his hand all over and inside me like a gynaecologist. This particular memory i wish i can delete.
Making out with Larry, i was so stoned on cocaine; i dropped on him. He allegedly tried pulling me up but his friends called his attention to where the fun was really at; Esene was madly horny and to an extent was into the who drill. And she was being taped; i don’t know if she got that or liked it. But hell; who knows? She might as well be as high as i am.
Moments later, i was lying weak on the couch looking at Esene face directly with a blur vision. I starred hard and the picture of Esene’s face was getting vivid. She wasn’t enjoying what was happening to her. There was resistance in her face; it was more like ‘the spirit is not willing but the flesh terribly weak’, the drugs were fading and Esene was getting back to herself and it wasn’t looking good.
I was getting a clearer picture of what was about going down on me although i was high i knew it wouldn’t be good. I knew this time Eddie wasn’t coming to my rescue like he did when i got into trouble at a picnic and i wasn’t at this point strong enough to put up even the tiniest resistance. So like my boy friend usually jokes “if you can’t stop the rape, picture the sexiest celebrity you crush on and enjoy the ride” I’m gonna put up with anything that comes today.
At least although these guys weren’t on protection, it wasn’t as life threatening as my previous encounters.
It was my turn; i laid insatiably horny and high trying to put up a resistance in my mind.
But as soon as i was stripped i couldn’t help but to grab one of the guys and started kissing him. The camera was just turned on when a gun shot was fired from outside the compound. Eddie!
It was him; how he got here, i couldn’t figure but i just knew it was my prince in shinning amour.
But nevertheless it wasn’t gonna end good because to the sound of that gunshot, Larry and his friends ran inside emerging with rather heavier weapons.
I was scared for Eddie not knowing he had friends with him. Larry and friends were busy loading up guns until they started hearing multiple gunshots coming from farther distance none stop towards their house. When the possibility of defeat was noted, diplomacy was the wisest thing they could think of as Eddie stormed in with a ‘pump-action’ gun.
Without much hesitation, Eddie took the offer of two hundred thousand naira Larry offered at the spot. At that point though it was ridiculous; i was disappointed in Eddie. Is that how cheap he considers me? He should have killed those bastards but of cause i was too stoned to utter those words.
Eddie hurriedly gathered my items and Esene’s together with the bag of raw cash as i and my distorted friend dragged along higher than a Colombian junkie.
It was until we got outside that i noticed the other gunshots weren’t of Eddie’s friends. It was rather the guys he has been hiding from for the past two weeks now. I don’t know the details but He somehow owed them money which he instantly paid back from the money he got off of Larry.
I started putting the picture together.
It was a relief for Eddie to quit hiding from the mob but the state he saw me when he stormed Larry’s house, wasn’t where a guy would want to see his girlfriend. As soon as we got home and i took a long bath and was getting sane gradually, Eddie gave me the remaining money from what he got from Larry, broke up with me and left with every of his belonging in my house. I cried all night till i got a severe headache.

By Nnagoziem ‘The Vyrus’ Udensi